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Through the efforts of the Woman's League, Miss Adam's, of Chicago, spoke in chapel, Saturday evening and Sunday morning upon 'Toynbee Hall and lts Outgrowths.' In the heart of East London, the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge have erected a commodious club house, named Toynbee Hall in honor of Oxford's ardent young philanthropists. Here the college men come to live for months or years. The aim is to make the hall a centre of civilization for the neigh borhood; there are various clubs cultivating fellowship, there are entertainments, study classes, fine-art exhibits, and lectures on the university extensiĆ³n system. The same plan of work is being followed in Scotland, in several parts of England, in New York and Chicago. In New York there is the Neighborhood Guild and the College Settlement, the latter being conducted by women of various colleges. Miss Adams and Miss Starr have founded Hall House in one of the most unsavory portions of Chicago, and about 75 of the city's best cultured people lend a little of their time each week to aid in carrying on the many lines of work undertaken. Help is needed; the work is fruitful; only one qualification is requiredin workers - the desire to lend a hand.