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The questioiis asked were anawered by Mr. C. H. Everett, who had previonsly made a talk on clover and hay making before the meeting. We are indebted to The Fannera' Review for the report herp given: . Question- How deep do you sow to get a good catch in a dry season? Answer- Wo run tho harrow over the clover eed; but that might not be enough on sandy Boil. It mierht be necessary on such soil to sow about two incbes deep. Q- Iïow expensive caps woald yoa bny? - A.- Thcy shonld cost about six cents apioce by the bolt. Q.- Do youadvise pasturing your clover the flrst year? A.- I would not, except where you sow for iall pastarage. Q.- How many caps will it take to cover the hay from an acre of groond? A.- About BeveDty-flvc. Q-- Do you uso the tedder after the mower? A.- No; I have never used one and would not give a dollar bill forone. Q.- Do yoa consider alsike clover as good as mammoth clover for sowing and other uses? A.- No; because it has asuríace root, and you cannot get more than one erop from a sowing. It makes a good soillng plant, but is not good for a permanent clover rjLfcp.h . Q.- Can you get good hay from mammoth clovcr? A.- Yes; it is good flrst class hay with full iecdine value. Q.- Do you have aay troable raking thls grreen hay? A.- None at all; but I have to makc the windrows sinall. Q- Do yon have any troable with the hay molding? A.- No; and the only time it will mold is when you have many days of bad woather. Q.- What makes clover hay musty? A.- Fermenting and heating in the mow. Q.- Do you not think that sowing land piaster beiore sowing your clover seed would give you a better catch? A.- I don't know. Q-- About how largo do you make the hay cocks? A.- They iveigh about sevcnty-flve pounds. Q.- Do you think that you get as much feeding valuo out of clover hay by this process as you wonld by the silo? A.- I think that I got more. Q.- Do you think that it make any difference if the hay mits more than in the proces that you havo describod? A.- No. Q-- Doos it mako any difference if the hay stays under cover moro than three days? A.- No. It will bo allright for six or seven days. Q-- Would you recominend salting clover hay? JX.. lO. Q.- Do you think that salt injures hay? A.- Yes. I think that it starts it to fermenting. Q.- ís clover worth more for hay than for manare? A.- I had rathcr have it for hay than for manuro, for after I have used up the hay for feed I will still have it for manure. Q.- Does clover do any good by acting as a Bubsoil plow; that is, do the roots let the air and water down into the subsoil? A.- I think that they do. Q.- Do you sow all clover for pastnre? A.- No. I wou 11 not depend on clover for posture, but for i hat purpose I would sow a mixture of gTasses. Q-- What do you do with the second growth the second year? A.- I pasture it if it is light and cut it if it is heavy. Q.- At what time would you ploW clover nnder? A.- When it is in full blossom.