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EEPOET OF THE COHDITIOÏT OF THE mm: & usus' mi - AT- VXX ARBOR, MICHIGAN, at the close of business, Octobeh 2nd, 1690. RESOURCES. Loans and diseounts $2ir,7C3 38 Stocks, bouds, ïnr.rtgagcs, etc 7S.S81 B Overcirofts _ '2,073 25 Doe fïoni bank in res;rve ciiies ?S.f'79 , 3 Duo from Wa-hicnuw Co 17;5 651 Rillain trauph 'i.',MS 7ö Furniture and flxiures 8,000 Du Current expensis aud taxes paid 'ifil f52 Interest puid ï,l902t Cbecks and cash ifcius (ir. :0 Nickels aud penaies 160 Os Gold 6,iB8 4; Silrcr [.'.-,7 4S U. S. and Nati nal Bank notes 18,113 00 Total . $568,91797 JLIARILITIES. , Capital ptock paid is $ Pi000 00 SuriilüH fund lu.iH'O ''0 Uudivided prolits _ '.04s 2" Commercial dep tsits ?5?t224 17 Savicga deposite 41,797 86 Due to banks and bankers 84! 74 Total $,iüS,!)U 9; STATE OF MICHIGAN, ( Counly of Vashtenaw. jss' I, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the aliove cam6d bank, do iolemnly swear that the above statement is true to tue beBt of my inowledge and belief. F. H. Belser, OasMer. Subscribed and sworn to before me this eleventh day of October, 1395. AVm. W. Whedon. Notary Public. Correct- Attest : Chas. E. Gbeene.) JuNItrs B. Real, Directors. Keuben Kempf, J piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, Agent for the followinp Finit Clasa Companics, representing over twenty-tight Million Dollars Aaseta, ïsHues policiea at the loweat ratea Etna of Hartford $9,192,644.U. Franklin of Phila 3,1 18,713,00 Germaniaof N. Y 2,700,729.(Mi American of N. Y. 4,06ö,96.0n Lotidon Assurance.Lond'n l,41K,7K8.0(i Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 X. V. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,59(i,(í79.0(i Vationai. Hartford 1 ,774,606.00 Phenix, X . V 8,759,086.00 #Special attfQtion iv-jn to ihy insaranof oí dwelliiigs, scüouli. clinrr;iH's and puolir buildlnirb ■ Miterm ot thre1 aD'! Hvo vi htk