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A Big Itapids (lealur in (rinks is charfil vritli violntiiii; the liquor laws by selliag tangk-fooc to a boy of 11 summers, and liad t.o .uive bönds to avoid a sojourn at the loc;d 'uustile uutil the case could be veutilated iu court. Dancing is au almost uuiveroally favorite amusement, bat Frank Kassei, a Lexington dancer, does uot it as oí yore. At a recent shin-dig he danced so hard as to break a coupla of bones of one leg. Morencie has a pnrson who ekes out a meager salary by working up life insurance businesn The man who insures naturally has a little better chance for a passport to a front seat on the other side when the final farewell is taken. Goorge Lindsay was conductor of a Saginaw railway car and on a recent trip had his druuken íather for a passenger. The old gentleman soon became abusive, when George tried to quiet him and received a serious stab near the heart. The old man is in jail and sober now. An American eagle was sailing along near Atlauta 'tother day, not knowing that John Edwards and a steel trap resided in the locality, and John now has the bird of freedom in captivity. Mrs. Huldah Johnson was a Colon lady who was boru in the month of April. Three times was she married, all occurring in the same month, and a few days since she died. April was a star month for Huldah. August Wolff, the Ontonagon chap whose name and nature seem to agree, has been captured and will be tried for beheading August Smith with an ax. The Niles boy who sold his father's best coat for half a dollar seeius to have been a believer ia forced sales when in need of cash. Melbourne H. Ford, congressman from the Fifth district, died suddeuly at Grand Rapids of apoplexy. The pay roll of the Calumet aud Hecla company, the largest of the whole copper country corporations averages about 200,000 ner month. Prospecta are good for a largely in creased yield of the Kalamazoü celery crop this season. The average valué of the crop for the past lew years has been about $400,000. Daniel Ferguson, one of Cola vater's oldest citizens, died recently at the advanced age of 95 years. Battle Creek citizeas are counting up their loóse cash, havjag decided that they must have a boulevard. Wildman Mills, the Croswell man wbo faoms 4,ü00 acres and owus 30,000 more, fell through a trap door and has since worn several cracked ribs. He's probably the most extensivo farmer of the state. Antrim county's probate judge is Baid to hold court but one day ach month, devoting the balance of the time to the cultivation of the soil. Antrim is a lealthy land which makes the probate work very light. A brick and stone depot, to cost $13,000, will be planted at the American opening of the Port Huron tunnel by the Grand Trunk Railway company. Fire got away with the council rooms and eugine house at Stanton recently. The fire engine was saved with great difficulty. The business of Bellaire doctors and undertakers is in a very unhealthy condición owing to the robust good health of ;he people. Nine months without a death among 600 residents is a trine discouragïng to the average undertaker. After one year more foreign students to the State university will be required to pay au additioual fee of $10 each. Caro has a citizen who claims to have a manía for killing people, and the mpulse is sometimes so strong that resistance to it is almost impossible, and now he asks the sheriff to take restrainÍDg care of him. If the Alpena doctor who made the figures isn't mistaken, that city bas 2,000 people who are wrestling with the gripps. Several Michigan institutions are wording up a good South American trade for their manufacturad wares. Among i the number is the Pellett Table company, a Flint concern, which is shipping large quantities of tables to the south. A Lexington maa had a leg broken while exploring the mysteries of a local secret society, and now his newly-found brothers are nursing him back to healtb. Monroe sportsmen are haring lots of fun in harvesting the wild geese which, just now, are swarming upon the marshes n that vicinity. John Davis, a Mecosta county farmer, spent soine good money trying to break the will oL his deceased brother, but failed. The brother willed $10,000 to a nephew, and the courts upheld his sanity in the act. Bay City citizens can navigate the walks of that town in comparative safety once more, the chief of poiice having notified all bicyclers to run their wheels in the street along with the other vehicles. St. Joseph county hasn't an unusually large number of railroads within her borders, and yec she's the only county :n the state where railway tracks are laid upon the soil of every township comprising her territory. Fire damaged the Whitehall manufacturing company and the Bell & Utley carriage company's works $20,000 on the Ü3d. Insured. For the three months ending March 15 the Manistique railway transported over 30,000,000 feet of logs. Will Leslie is a Mecosta county youth of 13 Aprils who's been sent to the state reformatory to grow up with that institution for the next four year3, because he robbed an uncle. The Grand Trunk railway company is esaentially an English Corporation, but for all that Hon, Spencer O. Fisher, of West Bay City, owns a. block of stock big enough to secure his election as a director of the company. The university glee club has returned from its annual singing tour, having pitched its key notes in twelve cities anc traveled 8,000 inile to do it. Adam Himon, a Port Sanilac farmer, plowed into an old Indian burying grounc 'tother day, and brought up many a skeleton that was once manipulated by some dusky brave, to the surface. Cedar posts and hemlock bark are being Bhipped in unusually large quantities this Bpring f rom Frankfort by boats to Mil waukee and Chicago. The Eaton county erop of aheep is being harvested by the worthless curs of tha' región, and sheep owners are cleaning up their oíd muskets preparatory to a war o canine extermination. A Zilwaukee mother has been accusec by a coroner's jury of stragling the life from her own innocent babo. Mrs. W. K. Hall is an experienced pe destrian ni makes her official tours o; Manistee county schools, as secretary o the board of school examiners, on foot. Some depraved personage saturated E. Gleason's barD, at Vasser, with kerosene and then applied the match. The building and contente, including tvvo horsea and two cows, were Ijurned. No insuranee. The funeral of a Houghton squaw, who died at the age of 103 Aprils, wns attended by five generatious of desceudants. Two Bay City people- a man and woinan - have been locked up, charged with enücing youug girls away for immoral purposes. Plenty of room yet for imnrovement before we reach the higher civilization. Shepard Blis was paid 11,000 by a Mt. Morris drug flrm because he lost an eye by the careles filling of a prescriptiou.