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Mortgage Saleün the Slet day of March, A. B. 1883, John Lj rm mcrtxuiri'd to Abner P. Milcox all that oi rtalu pieue, or parcel of land Mtuata in the townshipof Augusta in the county of Washtonaw and State oí Michigan, described as followstowlt: ' Thesouth half of the east half of the uorth-east quarter of section thlrtyslx, to secure the purchase money of said described lauda. Said mortgage was reeorded in the office of the Register of Deeds in and tor SHid oounty on the 2!)th day of May, 1885, in liber 65 of mortgages on page 49". Default has been made in the conditions of eaid mortgage by the non-payment of the moneys due thereon by which the power ot sale therein contained has beeome oporative. ïhere is now claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgwie the sum of eight hundred and eighty-six and 90-100 nollars and no proceedings at law or in chancery have been instituted to recover the same or any part thereof . Notice is therefore hereby given, that by virtue of the power of sale in said mortgage contained and of the statute in such case made and provided, I shall sell the said premises above and in said mortgage described at public auction to the highest bidder on Saturday the 20th day of June, 18D1, at the sontb front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor in said county, to make and satisfy the amount then due on said raortgage, the cost and charges of thie foreclosure and sale and twenty-flve dollars attoruey fee as provided tor in said mortgage. WAHHIN E. WILCOX, as Aflministratorof the Estáte of Abner P. Wilcox, dcceased. Sai.sbuby &O'Meai,f.y, Attorneys t'or Admiuistrator. Dated, March 3Uth, 191. estáte of James H. Morris. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY ut Washtenaw, 83. At a seasion of the Probate .Nui rt for the County ot Washteaaw, bolden at the Probate ütfice Ín the city ot Ana Arbor, on Monlay the thirteenth day ol April, in the year one nousand eight hundred and ninety-one. Present, J.Willard Babbitt,.Tudge of Probate. In the matter of the eBtate oi James H. Morris, leceased. On reading anti rilin? the petilion, duly veriied, ot Gouverneur Morris, praying that a certain instrument now on file in thiscourt, purporting to be the last will and testament of iaid deceased, may be admitted to probate, and thatadministratton of said estáte muy be granted to himself as executor or to some other suitable pereon. Thereupon it is ordered that Monday, the 11 th luy of May, next, at ton o'olock in the Fbrenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petition Aiii that the devisees legatees, and hcirs At law of aid deceased and all ather persons interested in said estáte are required to appear at a seseion of said court, then to be holden at the Probate Office in the city of Ann Arbor, and Bhow cause, if any there bi why the Drayer of the petitionerahould not he granted. And it ia tur t her ordered tbat said petitioner give DOtice to the persons interested in snid estáte of the pendency of said petition and the hearing theroof by causing a copy of this order to be published in the Ann Arbor Ahgus, a uewspaper printed and ciroulated in said county three successivo weeks previous to said day of hearing. J. WILIjARD BARBITT, (A true copy. ) Judge of Probate. Wm. G. Doty, Probate Heirister. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF Washtknaw. Tlie undersijjned havinff been ippomled by the Probate Court for said County, Commissioners toreceive, examine and adiust all claims and demanda of all persons afjfainst theestate of Thomas Keedle, late of said County deceased, liereby eïve notice that six months irom date are allowedj by order of said Probate Courl, for Creditors to present their claims against the estatti af said deceased, and that they wlll meet at the late residence of said deceased, in the township oi Ann Arbor, in said County, on Tuesday, the twentyllrst,day of Ju'y, andón Wodneiday, 'the twentyftrst day of October next, at ten o'clock a, m. afeach of said days, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated, April t, 1S9T. ISAAC N. 8. FOSTEft, D. JU GODFHBV,Commissioners. Commissioners' Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTT OF vWapbtenaw. The undersigned having been appointedby the Probate Court for snia County, Commissioners toreceive, examine and adjuBt all claims and demands of all persone against the estáte of James Morwick, late of said County, deceased, hereby give notice that bíx montba from date are allowed, by order of said Probate Coart, for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of said deceased, and that they wïll meet at thelaw office of Hoo.Noah W.Cheever,m the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, on Monday,the thirteenth day of July and on Tuesday the thirteeuthday of October, next, at ten o'clock a.m. oi each of said days, to ieceive, examine and adjuut said claims. Dated, April !Sth, 1891. T.EONHARD GRUNER, EDWARD TREADWELL, Comiuissiouers, RBMOVALI Henry A. Newland & Co., Wholesale hatters and fur merchants, Detroit, have removed their business to the store recently oecupied by Alian, Shelden & Co., 162, 164, KW and 188 Jefferson ave., one door west of Woodward ave., where their facilities are largely increased. They invite all their friends to cali at the new store. HOWÁPUZZLEWAS SOLVED. When you want a certain article, you want the best make of that article, don't you? But how to determine which make is best is what puzzles you, isn't it? And when the puzzle is solved íor you, by authority which cannot be questioned, you are pleased, aren't you? And you would like to hear of one puzzle that has been solved for the people of the whole world, wouldn't you? Well, we will teil you about that very puzzle, and its solution. At the Universal Bxposition of 1889 at Paris, France, the best sewing machines of the world, including those of America, were in competition. They were passed upon by a jury composed of the best foreign mechanical experts, two of whom were the leading sewing machine manufacturera of France. This jury, after exhaustive examination and tests, adjudged that the Wheeler & Wilson machines were the best of all, and awarded that company the highest prize offered, the GRAND PRIZE, giving other compames only gold, silver and bronze medals. The French Government, as a further recognition of superiority, decorated Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, president of the company, 'with the Cross of the Legión of Honor, the most prized honor of France. That is how the puzzle of the best sewing machine in the world was fully solved by the most competent authority in the world in favor of the No. 9 and No. 12 Wheeler & Wilson machines. The No. 9, for family use, and the No. 12, for manufacturing uses, are the best in the world to-day. And now, when you want a sewing machine, if you do not get the best, it will be your own fault. Askyour sewing machine dealer for the No. 9 Wheeler & Wilson machine, and if he does not keep them, write to us for descriptive catalogue, prices and terms. Agents wanted in all unoccupied territory. WHEELER & WILSON MFG. CO., 186 and 187 Wabash Avenue. Chicago, in. FOR SALE BY Michael Staebler, Ann Arbor, Mich. ■ ■■ M ■ ■ SAMPLES SENT FREE WEB R P of spring pattcrns with ■E BK U borders and coilings to WÊKË BjB ■ match. One half million ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■prices. White blanks4cú) will fit'ntï yuuthe most H SfíL R L flv (ruarantce to save you I fift B ■■■ËJ Woll iaperi4Erchnt,635W.Waahüigtout.Chic?.i'j