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The Two Sams

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CLOTHIERS. - Dressing is an Art. - Why not let us help you? Tliat we can can do something better thau common is evident How? Look at the hundreds of men wearing OUK TAƍLOR MADE GARMENTS and speaking our praise to-daj. -. Are you of and among them? Or.are you still paying fancy prices for Custom Made Garments at your tailor's ? Do you value your appearance - and your dollars. You'Il go far to find our equals Look at our present business, acquired not in a year or two but years of meritorious labor in our line. How Meritorious? Lifting the Clothing business above the evils of the past unto the broad gauge methods of to-day. Avoiding shoddy goods at any price and all the time aiming to give the most and best service for the money, whether it be $5.00 sr $25.00 for a suit, $1.00 or $5.00 for trousers. . , Our large assortment, combined with our knowledge ofoyour wants, is one of our helpers to you and to us. Inspection invited. THE TWO SAMS, Lu BLITZ.