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The funny man of the Adrián Press, the dispenser of justice and jokes, had the following items from this county, last Friday: John McKinnon, Saline, has a cat with eight legs. Strange how the number of legs varies in different breeds of cats. . The Ann Arbor slaughter houses, "like dead flies in the bottle of an apothecary," send forth an odor that beats Celyon's spicy breezes by a number of points. A University student received a black eye the other day, while kissing a pretty Brooklyn girl. Such is the impetuous attraction of gravitation. Mrs. Jacob Foerster, of Vpsilanti, stirred kerosene and soap together, and would have done her washing with it, but the stuff exploded overthe fire, scalding her face badly, and the washing was put away. A pickle factory will figure among the industries of Ypsilanti, this season. Cucumbers will be chiefly used, but "cowhorn potatoes" will not be rejected, should cucumbers prove a small erop. A snake feil off the roof of an Ann Arbor saloon, the other day, directly it front of a newspaper man. The scribe was so badly frightened that he immediately went in and took the oath of total abstinence, with a little sugar. Hon. E. P. Allen, Dr. K. Owen and Junius Beal, last week went to Cincinnati to attend a meeting of republican league. That's $50 apiece for glory, and not a cent for success. But they are all able to stand it, and they never can have fun any younger. Whoop'er up, gentlemen, that's all there is in sight. for you now. There was a special election in Anti Arbor, Monday, to see whether the republicans or democrats should control the next council. It was an election of an alderman in the fourth ward. This democratie city has been careless and indifferent, till the republicans actually made a tie. The boys waded in for business Monday, knocked the republicans over into the political back yard by 46 majority, and will hold things level until next spring, when they will cali for every seat in the council except three, and have no more boy's play.