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, A benevolent oíd lady who lives in a fashionable London suburb started a soup lritchen on a small scale, with the ooject of alleviating the distress of which she had read so inuch. Only eight per sons applied for relief. One, a crippled womira, continued as a constant visitor Four of the applicants did not like sonp' Two others did not return with the iu3 lent to them. The eighth was a small boy who was punctual in his attendanee, and evidently, as she believed, ap preciated the sonp. There was somL thing in his manner that aronsed ths sympathy of the old lady, so she interrogated him. He was a crossing street sweeper in a grand square close by. He confessed that his earnings amounted to sixteen shülings (four dollars) a week, while hia niother could earn two shillings and sixpence a day by charing. The old lady who was taken aback, asked, "And do you think you ought to come here for soup?" With that frankness which is so channing in the small boy, he repüed"Well, no, I don't, and that's a fact, ma'am, but if you'll only give me a penny every time you walk over ïny crossing you eau eat your soup }rourself " - Toronto Globe. Palmyra leaf is supposed to last five centuries, and likala, a specimen of this palm, greatly grown on the Ceylon coast, can be preserved for upward of seven centaries. But a document on copper, according to the immense number which modern research has bronght to light, and which have been lithographed in the "Indian Antiquary," can last even for twenty centnries without the least injury being made by time.


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