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Can This Be Steamboat?

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A Detroit Journal dispatch from Lansing of last evening says: Mrs. Emma Goldstein has been here for several days collecting funds for the Home of the Friendless at Ann Arbor, claiming to be working under the direction of Rev. F. B. Thompson, of that city. Last night she was found on the street howling drunk and was locked up in jail and has but little of the money left. Can this Thompson be Samuel B. Thompson, Ann Arbor's colored man who is known as Steamboat Thompson, Lawyer Thompson, Presiding Eider Thompson, etc., etc., who has acted as a pension claim agent, run a restaurant and lived with a very large sized white woman ? If so, she has simply followed the teachings of a man who has been traveling around the country collecting money for a chapel which has never been built. Another query: Who ever heard of a Home of the Friendless in Ann Arbor?