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"the American Of The Future."

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When Rt. Rev. J. J. Keane, Rector of the Catholic University of America, at Washington, D. C, paid a visit of inspection to the University of Michigan, last fall, the Foley Guild was fortĂșnate enough to secure a promise from him to deliver a lecture under its auspices. In accordance with that promise, the eloquent and scholarly bishop will speak in University Hall, on Friday evening next, at 8 p. m Last year he spoke before the stu dents at Harvard who were fairly carried aw ay byhismasterly address His lecture on "The American o the Future," which he will give here, he has already delivered in New York and Chicago, where i evoked the highest praise and en thusiasm. His high reputation a an orator and his prominence as an educator, thinker and scholar in church circles together with hi thoroughly American spirit all give promise that he will treat his subject in a manner worth so lofty a theme. The Foley Guild is to be congratulated in securing so able a lecturer to speak under its auspices. No mission will be