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Diseased Peach Trees And Plant Lice On Apple Trees

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The monthly meeting of the Horticultural Society last Saturday was presided over by President J. Austin Scott. A. A. Crozier, chairman of the committee on diseases of the peach tree, reported that the committee sent twigs of diseased peach trees to Mr. Erwin F. Smith, of the department of Agriculture at Vashington. Prof. Smith answered hat he would be here at an early date to investígate the diseased rees. The discussion on prevenion of washing in vineyards, opened )y W. F. Bird, elicited a good many practical ideas. Mr. Tucker presented to the meeting some apple )uds infested by a green louse, which bores holes into the heart of he bud, like the green grapevine beetle bores holes into the grapevine ud. Mr. Tucker is afraid that the erop of early apples at Ypsilanti is already destroyed. He addressed Prof. A. J. Cook, of the Agricultural College, in regard to the edy. The professor recommends kerosene emulsión. Formula: Dissolve in two quarts of water one quart of soft soap, or one-fourth pound of hard soap, by heating to the boiling point, then add one pint of kerosene oil, and stir violently for from 3 to 5 minutes. This is best done by pumping the liquid into itself through a small nozzle,so thatit shall be thoroughly agitated. This mixes the oil permanently so that it will never separate and can be diluted easily, at pleasure, by simply shaking or slightly stirring, after adding the water to dilute it. ■As these lice seem to infest every apple tree at Ann Arbor and vicinity, perhaps all through the county, the kerosene emulsión should be applied by a forcé pump at once.