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The Baptist churcb has ioo members this spring. Airs. F. Thorp leaves for Grand Rapids next week. Miss Della Holcomb is teaching school in London. Mr. and Mrs. Boutelle moved to Ypsilanti Monday. Miss Millie Hitchcock is teaching school near Whittaker. Mrs. Vedder entertained guests from Oakville last week. M"r. and Mrs. H. J. Zimmerman visited Ann Arbor Thursday. C. Hobbs and family visited friends out of town Sunday. Mrs. Wiley Dexter entertained a few friends at tea Friday evening. Mrs. Whitmarsh and Mrs. Williams visited Ann Arbor Thursday. Presiding Eider Joslin preached at the Milán M. E. church Sunday. Josiah Dexter and family moved into Alva Dexter's house on County street. Miss Hattie and Eva Woolcott, of Ypsilanti, visited their mother over Sunday. Receipts from the Baptist ice cream social Wednesday evening were n.6o. L. Rouse, of Homer, was the guest of his father, J. C. Rouse, over Sunday. Mrs. B. F. Watts, of Ann Arbor, is the guest of Mrs. Wm. Whitmarsh, this week. Mr. and Mrs. E. Hinkley will will move into Mrs. O. Bennet's house on County st. Rev. Jay Huntington and daughter attended the Baptist Association at Chelsea this week. S. Hall 's team ran away Monday morning and one of the horses broke one of its legs. Eight persons united with the church Sunday afternoon by baptism and fourteen were received Sunday evening. Miss Gertie Thompson, of Quincy, will stay with her brother, C. Thompson, o attend the Milan school this sumraer. Saturday Mr. Torrance's span of colts ran away, throwing Mrs. Torrance and daughter out and hurting the daughter quite badly, completely demolishing the wagon. Wm. 'Lee while walking on the T. & A. A. R. R. tracks Monday, had a very narrow escape in trying to cross a cattle guard in front of an approaching train; his foot caught and in trying to disentangle himself one of his legs was badly hurt and he lost a part of one of his heels. The train barely escaped running over him. Mr. Lee has many friends who will congratúlate him on his narrow escape and sympathize with him in his affliction.