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The county expenses for April rere $3,488.46. The marshal reported eleven arrests during April. The April sparrow orders imounted to $92. 62. Washtenaw county gets $8,314.15 school money May 10. Five stone breakers were sent to ail from Ypsilanti, yesterday. , The annual premium lists of the :ounty fair will be out June 8. Register of Deeds Seery is building a house on North State street. A street fakir on the streets yesterday went away with from $75 to $100. The sum of 114.16 was expended for city poor relief during April. Thomas J. Keech has been reilected president of the board of public works. Emanuel Hirth, son of Abraham Hirth, of Lodi, died Tuesday, aged thirty-six. He was unmarried. The earnings of the Michigan Central for 1890 have been $13,490,711.79 and the expenses and taxes ?IO73I754-O7The Keystone and Ann Arbor Sporting clubs have appointed a committee to make it hot for those spearing fish in Zukey lake. Rev. Dr. Townsend, of Boston, delivers the last lecture of the Wesleyan Guild course in the Methodist church, Sunday, May 17. The Ypsilanti township town ïouse will be located a mile southeast of the center of 'Ypsilanti city and a half mile north of the center of the township. Eight new jurymen were empaneled for the circuit court, this week: arl Widenmann, Ann Arbor; W. 2. Sanderson, Augustar E. C. Allen, Bridgewater; Wm. Clark, Dexter; Gottlieb C. Mann, Freedom; George '.,. Parker, Lima: George J. Mann, Ivodi; Dick Clark, Lyndon. The Ann Arbor Water Company Wednesday elected as directors, A. K. Hale, Charles E. Greene, A. W. Hamilton, Titus F. Hutzel and Charles E. Hiscock. The board elected A. W. Hamilton, president and superintendent; Charles E. Hiscock, secretary, and A. K. Hale, treasurer. The contest debate between the Webster and Jeffersonian societies, which has been advertised to take place this evening in the law lecture room, has been postponed till Monday evening. The judges will be Profs. Bigelow and Knowlton and Rev. J. M. Gelston. All lovers of the Opera will be lad to learn that Willard Spenser's Little Tycoon Co., may be seen at the Grand Opera House, Friday evening, May i5th, 1891. This being the first opera troupe this season, and being also so well known, it will undobutedly have a packed house. About sixty of the best pictures of the Detroit water color society will be exhibited at the Art Loan. Mrs. John S. Newberry will send out two very old tapestries, a sketch by Messonier a mosaic and several paintings. Twenty-three oil paintings by the best artists will be exhibited from the McMillan collection The ladies of the Library Association wish to express their thanks to Mrs. McIntyre for the gift of an album to contain the photographs of the founders of the.Association, and also to show their appreciation of the interest and substantial kindness of their friends on the occasion of the 2 5th anniversary of their organization. The following are among the thirty-two registered pharmacists who passed examinations here Wednesday, and who are from this county: W. F. Ashley, P. Briggs, A. Hutchinson, E. N. Kennedy, J. B. Ostrander. S. B. Robb and J. B. Sutton of Ann Arbor; L. S. Freeman, of Chelsea; B. L. Murray, of Ypsilanti. Miss Ella L. Matthews was married at the home of her father, Henry Matthews, at half past four o'clock Tuesday to Mr. Samuel P. Kyes of Lansing, Rev. Mr. Tatlock officiating, in the presence of a number of friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Kyes left in the afternoon for Lansing, their future home. The Michigan Central runs a special excursion to Detroit next Monday on account of Gilmore's band afternoon and evening concert, which leaves Chelsea at 8:12 a. m.; Dexter, 8:27; Ann Arbor, 8:44 and Ypsilanti 9 a. m.; and returning leaves Detroit at 10 p. m. The fare for the round trip from Ann Arbor is $1.00. David Maier, of Northfield, died at half-past five last evening, of a complication of asthma, heart disease and dropsy, aged sixty-five years, four months and two days. He had resided in Northfield for thirty-two years. His wife, two sons and one daughter survive him. The funeral will be held Sunday at ten o'clock at the Northfield German church. Mary Agnes Cropsey, the daughter of George W. Cropsey, died at two o'clock last Monday afternoon,being the second child lost by Mr. and Mrs. Cropsey in the past six weeks. She was sixteen years old, of a sweet disposition, and very bright. She was a member of the Ann Arbor high school, and had a very high standing in her studies. The funeral services were held in St. Thomas church on Wednesday morning, her classmates attending in a body. The fame of Rev. P. S. Henson, D.D., of Chicago, as an orator is widespread. His felictous lectures, sermons and addresses are in the 'reatest demandi, and those who ïeard his address before the S. C. A. several years ago, will understand lis power. The Young People's Society, of the Baptist Church, have aeen peculiarly enterprising in securing Dr. Henson for there annual address this year. It will be given at 8 o'clock on Monday evening, May ii. All are welcome to the ruil capacity of the audience room without admission fee. The Congregational church, of Ann Arbor, expects to receive, May 19-22, about 400 pastors and laymen from various parts of Michigan, who will be in attendance on the State Convention of Congregational churches. We are informed by President Angell, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the church, that the members of the congregation find themselves unable to provide in their houses accommodations for so large a number. They will therefore, esteem it a favor, if any of our citizens can assist them by receiving some of the visitors as guests.