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Bloodshed In The Coke Regions

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Uniontown, Pa., May 5.- The deadly pistol did sonie more work yesterday, and one man was killed and another badly wonnded. The tragedy occurred at a house where Superintendent Gray, of Leisenring No. 8. says the strikers held captive two men who had been working. Gt&j and Pit Bos Callaghan went to the house to recue the men when they were attscked witli gtones, and when the sheriff' deputies carne to their assistance the strikers .stone.l them also, and then fired on them. The deputies replied, and killed Jobn Mahon, wouuding another. Strik L"der Teil Another Story. Jobn McSloy, of tbe strikers' executive bonnl, says the above is not trae; tbat noJjody nttackcd Gray and Callasihan, but that tiiey flred into a crowJ of strikers who who wre jeeriug tliein on their lack of succes-; in etXm'g tüe two alleged captives to po with them. McSloy had Gray and bis couipauio'i urresteii, cbarged vvitb vrilful ni arder, mul put in jail, althouh the coróner'a verdict was that Mahou was killed bv nu uuknown dcDiitv. The Procesa f "Persuasión." Thirty-seven Huns from Braddock were lunded at Eriek's redstone works yesteriay. ïhey were met by the local strikers. some of wliom wáved knives and other weapons uutil the straugers fled from the grouml. They walked back to Uiiiontown, where some of them took the first train north and otbers remained in town, and were last night taken in tow by the strikers. Dejiuty Sheriff Strike. .Anutnberof evictions took place yesterday. At one house the deputies were attackeJ with stoues, and when one of them drew bis revolver the sheriff dischared him. Tbereupon the others deputies struck, and but half a dozen returued to work.