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Ray Tuit, a West Bay City lad, tried the experiment of -tealing a ride on the J electric street ratlway, and his funeral , was held two days lateiIn a five week's campaifn at North Star, the "Crusaders" corralled 200 con vens. ( Four dollars per day may seem like big wages for common labor, but that's the figure oaid to Menominee lumbar i ers. A. 11 Randall and R. Morrill are a couple oi Berrieu couuty tillers of the soil who raise fifiy acres of mu&hmelons and . tomatoes eacu season for the Chicago market. And they tuake the business a i munerative oue, too. Allegan's gas well has been dropped down into the earth a little more than 800 feet without striking any gas regions of ' commercial value. About a year ago the husband of Mrs. Elizabetn Urostio was killed by the D., L. and N. cars at Howell, and Elizabeth is endtsavoriiia; to conviuce that Corporation that her loss is woTth $25,000 to her. The Chicago and Graud Trunk railway company isn't at all pleased wlth the 2cent fare bill and will ask the United States supreme court's opinión of its constitutionality. Five out of the nine townships of Alcona county have lady school directors, advocate of women's rights will please make a note of this. Sanilac county Sunday schools have a meinbership of 4,770. but the number of boys and girU who go fishing on the first day of the week haven't been computed. Whileattendingthe funeral of Congressman Ford in Grand Rapids, Mrs. George H. Oliver was relieved of a gold watch. The Grand Rapids thief is no respecter of time, places or occasions. Prospect of a bountif ui fruit erop in this state were never better than now, saith the oldest inhabitant, and that individual ought to know. Many Michigan audiences are being entertained these days by that inimitable humorist, Bill Nye. For twenty-six consecutlve years has Robert Long meted out justice in Bay couoty in the capaeity of justice of the peace. Battle Creek may be in no special need of having her face washed, but for all that a New York firm has been lookinj; the field over with a view to starting a soap factory in that city. University students at Ann Arbor are wrestling withamalignant attack of base ball fever. Some Monroe boys took an initiative lesson at smoking and that's the reason that William Relger's barn and contents, valued at $1,000, is now an ash heap. A cyclone got loóse in the vicinity of Asperl, a few leagues west of the "Soo," and blew the breath from telegraph poles timber in a twinkling, doing much damage. B. Ferrel lives near Hillsdale, but wlien he planted a charge of dynamite under a big rock and then clambered upon the top thereof to note the effect of the explosión, he carne near journeying to the new Jerusalem. As it is, he'U complete the sojourn in this vale of tears with a single foot. Crystal Falls people rejoice over what they claim to be the finest jail in the upper península. Work on Bay City's public building has been begun at last, in good earnest. George A. Lockhardt, a Galesburg resident of sixty years' standing and the inventor of a valuable proeesis for hardeniüg picks, which he kept a secret, died a few days sinca. Kalamazoo kids are especially fond of wedding cake, even when they are obliged to sneak into a house and smuggle it away while the marriage ceremony is in progress, as a couple of 'em did 'tother nigbt, leaving not a taste for the bride and her guests. H. R. Morse, an Alpena lumberman, has been offered $332,000 for a tract of Vancouver island pine, but is waiting for a better bid. An Aztec mound has been discovered near Edmore, and the villagers are greatly interested in the skeletons, copper weapons and other relies it contained. Three or four miles of street pavement and about two miles of sewerage is the job that the city of Saginaw will tackle this season, at a cost of more'n $100,000. Estimated that nearly $1,500, 'JOO worth of new buildings will go up in the same city before ánother Christmas. John Leahan, who had covered nearly a ceutury of earthly existence and was Sanilac county's oldest citizen, is dead. St. Clair county bas no public debt and doesn't desire any. Armada is the postoffice address of F. D. Cutcher, who's desirous of matchiug $100 with any Michigan man in an all round athletic contest. Judge Montgomery is reeovering from what was at one time tuought to be a fatal sickness at Washington. Dan Chapman is a Cassopolis lad who owns a dog that can go around the race track spryer'n any horse in town, and Dan has refused $2,000 for him. Mrs. Johannes Lowden,. a Grand Rapids lady, was badly burned by her clothing catching fire from a pile of lea vea she was burning. Minnie L. is the name of a steamboat, the owners of which have been sued $10,000 worth because John L. Starkweather, a Romeo resident, feil down her gangway and hurt himself. Jonathan Boyce had $30,000 worth of saw loga burned near Meredith by th flre that are raging in Clara and Gladwin connties. Samuel H. Case, a Cass county citizen, must dweil at Jackson for a period of thirteen years because he was uonvlcted of incest. Another month will probably see the approaches to the Port Huron tunnel completed, when that international subterranean missing link will enable the Grand Trunk railway to scoot its traius beneath the limpid waters of the Sc Clair. Gen. D. B. Ainger, a well-knowji Charlotte citizen, has secured the appointment of national bank examiner. His flrst trip takes him to ïennessee. Muskegon has four citizens who were not willing to accept C. H. Hackley's gift of a $75,000 school building to the city, but 379 othera voted yes on the proposition. Michigan railways will sell trip tickets to Detroit on account of the G. A. R. encampment to be held in that city next August for a single fare. A like reduction will be made to the exposition the following mpnth. A little Jackson girl of 6 or 7 summers, who has just begun to read the newspaper?, implored the Lord the other night, just before retiring, to make her pure. "absolutely pure, like baking powder." Tbere is a future awaitiug that little lassie. Allepau's oil well tapped a vein of illuminating rnsterial the past week and real estáte niatters ia thatsection of country are attracting special atteutiou. John Whitely, an old-time Lansing resident, who owned a stage line which rolled between the capital city and Detroit in tbe early days when railroading was unknown, dieJ the past week. An Ovid church contributed $146 for the enlightenment of the heathen, on a recent Sunday, but several destitute widows of the town were passed by on the otherside. August Xikkila, a Houghton farmer, crazed by rum, shot his wife and then himself. August is a May-day angel now, and the wife is fatally wounded. Water failod to quench the big charcoal fire at Negaunee, and sand is now being used foc that purpose with sorne effect. Fifteen years ago it was that George M. Miller lost a purse containing $410 of the coin of the realm in a Grand Rapids haymow, and a few days ago the lost treasure Mas fouud just where it was dropped iu 1SV6. Professor T. W, Tufts will sever his connection with the state university tbe coming fall to accept a position in Chicago's uew university.