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Chicago, May 5. Following were the quotations on the board of trade to-day: Wheat- No. 2 May, opened $1.0%, closed 99c; July, opened $LU0, closed 97%c; September, opened 9%c, closed 945áe. Corn- No. 2 May, opened 63Jí c, closed 63; July, opened 60ác, closed 59c; September, opened - , closed d8%c. Oats- No. 2 May, opened 51Hc, closed 50íc; July, opened 46Ke, closed 4tMc; September, opened 34c, closed 3414c. Pork- May, opened $12.35, closed $11.75; July, opened $12.924 closed $12.05; September, opened $1.95, closed $]2.3U. Lard- May, opened $b.5Tí, closed $6.50. Live stock- Following were the prices at the Union stock yards: Hogs- Market opened moderately active on packing and shipping account and prices without material change; sales ranged at $3.15@4.90 pigs, $4.55@tü light, $4.B0@4.75 rough packing, Í4.7O@5.U5 mixed, and S4.80a5.1U heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle- Market active and prices unchanged; quotations ranged at t5.30@6.45 for choice to fancy shipping steers, Í5.OU@5.75 good to choice do, $4.30@4.9U common to fair do, $3.50@4.25 butchers' steers, $2.60@3.50 stockers, $3.00@5.25 Texans, $3.41X24.30 feeders, $1.5'Ji-00 cows, $1.5ü@3.50 bulls, and $2.50ai.50 veal calves. Sheep- Demand fairly active, and prices ruled steady; quotations ranged at $4.50 @6.iiU westerns, Ï4.75@6.4U uatives, and Í.OU @7.25 lambs. Produce: Bntter- Fancy separator, 27c peoIb; dairies, fancy fresh, 2223c; packing stocks, fresh, 13@15c. Live poultry- Oíd chickens, lftaiOHc per Ib; spring, Í3.ÜO@6.OJ per doz; turk3ys, good to choice, llO13c; ducks, 9Jllc; geese, $3.005.00 per doz. Eggs- 13ia!4i per doz. Potatoes- Rose, 75 85c per bu; Hebron, J@95c; Peerless, 85@90c; Burbanks, $l.tógil.O8; mixed, 75@85c. Applea - Cooking, $3.0G@4.00 per bbl; eating, $4.50 5.00. fancy varieties, $5.50@5.50. New York. New Youk, May 5. Wheut- N'o. 2 red wiuter cash, 11.18; do May, $1.124; do June, $1.11; do Jnly, L08?4 Corn- No. 2 mixed cash,i75c; do May, 71Jic; do June, 68Jíc; do July, 87c Oats- Dolí and weak; No. 2 mixed eash,57c; do July, 57c; do July, 549íc. Bye- Nominal. Barley- Kom inal. Pork- Dull; mess, J13.75314.W for new. Lard- Quiet; July, $7.05; August, $7.15. Live Stock: Cattle- Market steady, but no trading in beeves; dressed beef, slow; natire Bides, 8S@10c Sheep and Lamba- Market flrm and a shade higher; sheep, clipped, Í5.ÜO(S0.37 S ÏUO fts; lambs, clipped, $tS.5U(8 f.50. Hogs- Nominally ' steady; live Loga. Ï4.4D@5.65 $ 100 tts. ' St. Louis. ■ St. Louis, May 5. Wheat- Weak, lower; cash, $1.00; May, $1.00; July, 93íc; August, 93c. Corn- Weak and easier; cash, B44C May, 60c; July, 57J4c. Oats-Lower; cash, 53c; May, 51c; July 42?4c. Pork- Weak; $12.25. Lard- Heavy; $6.25. Steady; $1.18. Milwaukee. MilwAukke, May 5 Wheat- Lower, No. 3 spring on track cash, $1.00; July, 7; No. 1 northem. $LU8. Oom -Steady; No. 3 on track, 67c. Oato- Steady, No. 2 white on track, 58c.