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A Cloud Of Witnesses

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We knqw of no medicine that has so many testimoniáis to its efficiency as S. S. S. the great blood purifïer. Many of the best knovvn people in the country certify to the marvellous results it has wrought in the various forms of disease for which it is recommended. These testimoniáis come not alone from persons who nave been relievpd of their sufferings by S. S. S., but from people who have witnessed the effects of the medicine. Practicing physicians, druggists, pharmacists - in fact, all who have had an opportunity of observing the cures brought about by this great blood remedy - bear willing testimony to its efficacy. In its field, which is a wide one, covering some of the most serious ailments of üumanity, S. S. S. has no rival. 8he - Isn't it horrible about Mis. Tinsley ? He- Yes. What could have induced her to elope with butler ? She- That's the saddest part of it. She called at her husband's office and was told that he had gone to the matinee with his typewriter. That caused it all. And now it turns out that his typewriter was a man.