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SEASONABLE ADVICE. How to Select a Sprlngr Medicine A Short Extract From a Lecture by Dr. S. B. Hartman. A Pamphleton Spring Dlseases Sen Free. Are you thinking of getting a spring medicine? Do you feel those oíd symptoms which are so apt to come every spring and remind you that you need something to purify your blood or cleanse your system or tone up your digestión and appetite? Now, if there was ever a time in your life when you needed to use good judgment it is right here now. To begin with, you will see, after a moment's reflection, that no one medicine could be made that would be the proper remedy for all cases of spring affections. It is, certainly, a matter of considerable moment to you which of the many sarsaparillas, tonics and blood purifiers-you need for your particular case. If you will carefully observe the followingdirections you will never be disappointed in finding a prompt relief. If your symptoms are general weakness, roaring in the head, slight faintness, brown specks moving before the eyes, twitching of the eyelids, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, palpitation and shortness of breath, a worn-out, tired feeling from morning till night; if any or all of this group of symptoms describe your case, Pe-ru-na is the spring medicine you need. There is no other medicine that will so quickly and permanently relieve you. If you have had La Grippe during the past winter, and have not fully recovered your natural health and strength, Pe-ru-na is precisely what you ought to get at once. It will surely cure you in a short time. Should your symptoms be dizziness, coated tongue, sour stomach, bloating after meals, constipation, biliousness, pain in the back, scant, high-colored urine, heavy, drovvsy feelings, then the remedy that will never fail toxure you is Man-a-lin. All of the above symptoms disappear as surely, when taking Man-alin, as a white frost before a June sun. Man-a-lin gently quickens the functions of liver, bowels and kidneys, and cleanses the system of all impurities. If, however, your symptoms are eruptions on the skin, salt rheum, pains in the joints (worse at night), chronic rheumatism, boils, scrofula, blood poisons of any kind, or any other manifestation of impure blood, the proper remedy for you to get is La-cu-pi-a. There is, positively, no use wasting your time taking other blood medicines, for La-cu-pi-a can be relied on as a quick, sure and positive cure in all blood diseases. The above advice is exactly as it feil from the lips of one of the most renowned practitioners and lecturers of medicine in this country, Dr. S. Hartman. If you think of ting a spring medicine you had better profit by the many years of experience and extensive observation of this celebrated authority. A pamphlet of lectures by Dr. Hartman on spring diseases, their cause and cure, sent free to any address by The Peruna Medicine Company of Columbus, Ohio.