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[OrFICIALi. CouNCiL Chamber, May 11, 1891. Special meeting. Called to order by Pres. Cooley. Roll cali. Present, Aids. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehberg, Kitson and Pres. Cooley. Absent, Aids. Wines, Herz, Taylor. The cali for special meeting w?.s read and the following business was transacted: Bond of City Treasurer, S. W. Beakes, with Moses Seabolt, AmKearney, Edward Duffy, John R. Miner, Frederick Schmid and J. ü. Ryan, as sureties, was read and approved, a majority of all ,the Aldermen elect voting therefor, by yeas and nays as follows: Aids. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehburg, Kitson and Pres. Cooley - 8. Nays - o. Aid. Ferguson: Resolved, That the Board of Public Works having advised the same, the sum of four hundred dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated from the Street fund for the purpose of widening and grading División street, between North and Detroit street, and for constructing crossings, sidewalks, fences, as per agreement of this council with John F. Lawrence, Esq. Yeas - Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehberg, Hall, Kitson and Pres. Cooley- io. Nays - None. By Aid. O'Hearn: Resolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby authorized and empowered to appoint for the term of twenty days Lewis Hutchinson, E. Nicholson, Charles Bowen aud L. D. Carr, special policemen for the purpose of guarding the property of and conserving the peace at "The Ann Arbor Art Loan," to be held at Newberry Hall in this city, such policemen, however, to perform such service without costs to the city, and also the city to be without liability for any neglect of duty on their part. Which motion prevailed. Communication from Mayor Doty and City Clerk of Detroit was read. Ann Arbor, May nth, 1891. To the Honorable The Common Council : There is pending in the State.Legislature a bilí introduced by Senator Park for the re peal of such charters and laws as exempt railroad property from local taxation. I would most respectfully cali your favorable attention to the action taken by the Common Council of the city of Detroit in support of said bill, of which action a copy is herewith submitted, and would suggest if the same meets with your concurrence that you memorialize our Senator and Representatives in behalf of said bill. " No kind of exemption has ever been so much criticized in this state as that which withdraws corporate wealth from contributing to pay the current expenses of the State and which relieves it entirely from any part of the local burdens," Mr. Justice Campbell. Respectfully, Wm. G. Doty. Keceived and placed on file. By Aid. Mann: Whereas, There is now pending before the legislature of this state, a bilí permitting among other things, the local taxation, for local purposes of the railroad property in this state, the passage of which has been and is being strongly urged by the Common Council of the City of Detroit, therefore, be it Resolved, That in the judgment of this Council said bill ought to pass and be enacted into a law of this state. Resolved, That the members of the House of Representatives from this county and the Senator from this Senatorial district be and they are hereby requested to use their best endeavors to secure the passage of the same. Resolved, further, That the City Clerk be and is hereby instructed to certify a copy of these resolutions to each of said Membersof the State Legislature and also to the Clerk of the City of Detroit. Yeas - Aid. Mann, Martin, Allmendinger, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Rehberg, Hall, Kitson, and Pres. Cooley - ioNays - None. The Council adjourned.