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That Necktie Fakir

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The fakir who was here last week went to Ypsilanti and made $75 there. The Sentinel thus describes his game: Our exchanges are exploiting the game of one of the slickest swindlers who "fakes" - the necktie man. He has been here, too, and an exïlanation of his scheme is worth jiving. Having secured a location on the street, he opens his case and spreads a large variety of goods out. The flaring gasoline lamp speedily brings a crowd about him, and he begins to sell. Af ter selling a few boxes of tooth soap, or something similar, he offers a dollar bilí for 75 cents, sells the 75 cents for 60, the 60 for 50, the 50 for 35, the 35 for a quarter, then throws the quarter into the crowd. Having secured the strict attention of his audience, Mr. Fakir offers a lot of neckties at 50 cents each, and asks the purchasers to keep them in sight. Of course they think he is not at the end of his rope, but will keep on until he gets to selling watches. They know he is going to swindle his customers some time, but imagine he is going to give them back their money in order to bait them - when they will shrewdly drop his game. The neckties, which are worthless, are sold rapidly,and after a gross or more have been exchanged for half dollars, the fakir closes the sale, and, asking those who have purchased to kindly hold up their hands with the ties in them, quietly thanks them for their liberal patronage and drives away.


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