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Everett Davenport is quite sick with la ...

Everett Davenport is quite sick with la ... image
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Everett Davenport is quite sick with la grippe. That new game croquet, is the amusement here at present. Mr. and Mrs. Merrill, of Saginaw, were guests at Milo Clark's, last week. Eider Conrad, of Quincy, spent Saturday and Sunday here with his brother. A. R. Draper made a trip to Monroe last week, and returned with a load of fish. Quite a number from this place went to York last Sunday, to witness the baptism. There's a promise of an abundarle of fruit in this vicinity, whatever the fulfillment. The S. O. C. E. will hold an evening social May 12, at the residence of Charles McMullen. Little Mary Mclntyre has fully recovered from her sickness, which was a mild form of diphtheria. Ed. Hathaway and wife ■ commenced house-keeping Monday in what is known as the Alcott house. Miss Bertie Broadley was very pleasantly surprised byabout twenty of her young friends last Friday evening. Rev, Mr. Russell occupied the Methodist pulpit here Sunday, and delivered a temperance lecture Monday evening. A. W. Sanford, who is building a large barn this season, raised a part of it last week, but not having good luck finished the job Monday.