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From Bad To Worse

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The ordinary treatment of contagious blood poisoning is to drive one poison froni the system by introducing another. The result, in most cases, has been that which usually follows a leap from the frying-pan into the iïre. To put it mildly, mercurial and other mineral poLsonings havedisadvantages which are hardly less serious than contagious blood poison. Ineithercase the system is wrecked; and yet there is no reason why humanity should continue to suffer. It is the office of S. S. S. to cure contagious blood poisoning. For that disease the medicine is surely a specific. And it is also its office to cure mercurial and other mineral poisoning. In short, S. S. S. is the great blood purifier. It destroys the germs of the contagious disease, and expels from the system all forms of mineral poisoning. It restores health and strength to the sufferer. Somehow the average schoolboy can manage to love his teacher with a great deal less exertion after he has got away from school.