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Peculiar Peculiar Ín comblnation, proportion, and preparation of ingredicnts, Hood's SarsapaTilla possesses the curativo valuó oí the best known U J die oí the vegetable ilOOQ Sklngdom. Peculiar in its strength and economy, Hood's Sarsaparillais the only medicine oí which can truly be sald, " One Hundred Doses One Dollar." Peculiar in its medicinal merits, Hood's Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hltherto uuknown, O n rc r% nA y 1 1 % and has woniorOarsapariiiaitseit thetitle oí "The greatest blood purlfierever discovered." Peculiar in its "good ñamo at home,"- there is more oí Hoodfe Sarsaparilla aold in Lowell than oí all other blood puriflers. Peculiar in its phenomenal record oí ..„salesabroad no other ■GCU 1 1 31 preparation ever attained so rapidly nor held so steadlastly the confidence of all classes oí people. Peculiar in the brain-work which it represents, Hood's Sarsaparilla combines all the knowledge which modern research-j ■ - if in mdical science has I O llScil developed, with many years practical experience in preparing medicines. Be sure to get only Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldbyalldrngglsts. Ílslxforg5. Prcparedonly by C. I. HOOD 4 CO., Apotbecaries, LowoU, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar