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We here give a few gleanings from Professor Bailey's invaluable "Nursery Book:" Cuttings, particnlarly of growing parts, demand a moist aud uniform atmosjhere, a porous soil and sometimes botxm heat. Cleft grafting is in common use on soft and fleshy stocks, as cactuses and various fleshy root?. All vines and all plants which have runners or long and slender shoots which 'all to the ground may be mnltiplied readily by layerage. "June budding" is a term applied to ;he budding of stocks in early summer while these are yet growing rapidly. It is employed mostly at the south, where the stocks can be grown to sufñcient size by the last of June or first of July. The hardy species of Hydrangea are usually propagated by green cuttings in summer, under glass. Green cuttings of Spiraea make the best plants. Peaches are neariy always worketl upon peaches in this country. Plums are, however,. occasionally employed for damp and strong soils. All plums dwarf the peach more or less.