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Hard Milking Heifers

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J. L. F has a grade Jersey heifei that promises to make a fine milker, but Bhe milks so hard there is danger of her losing her milk. We are asked if there is any way of expanding the opening in the teat, so as to remedy the ev├╝. With an old cow that is a hard milker there is nothing to be done, but with a yonng heifer we would not despair. Make a little plug out of hard wood, the point not too sharp. It must be about the eighth of an inch in diameter for half an inch, then slightly smaller for a quarter of an inch, then swell to two-eighths of an inch in diameter. This inserted in the teat and allowed to remain there wil! expand the muscles. Before inserting the plug the teat should be well greased and manipulated to make it soft and piiable; also grease the plug. The depression in the plag is intended to prevent it