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The following querios were recently asked and answered ia The Prairie Farmer: - Ia the duck business profltable? Yes, when rightly managed. Which is the best breed of ducks- that ia, Um most profitable breed- to keep f or eggs, f or markot and for feathers? The Pekins. Docks of this breed will laj earlier in the soaaoo, lay more eggs in a year. raature earlier and are more domeatic in theii luibits than those of othor breeds. Tlieir fcathers are alinost cqnal to jyoefie feathers. How inany ducka (Pekins) suould be mated willi one drake? Fivo or six. How many eggs will a duck lay in a year? That depcnds upon the breed and the management. Pekins, wcll cared for, will lay from 100 to 150 egss in a year. Will pickius ducks during the laying Kason have any effect on the laying? We tried it once and the picked ducks quit laying, while the others did not. Is it abaolutely necessary tuat ducks should have access to a pond or stream of water? It is not. Anyway, the Pekinsaxe asort of drs land ducks, and can be proíltabry kept wherc there is noither pond nor stream of water foi their accommodation, provided tboy alwayt have water enough to drink. Can breeding ducks be kept conflned to yarda or is free range necessary in order to secure fertile okk? The most suceessful duck growers in southern Masuachusotts keep their ducks confined to yards for about nine mcmths in a year- from November um 1 August Thoso that are marketed when about 9 or 10 weeks old are nevel out of their yards until they are taken out te be ft ■:! for markot. ■ .i .iuck eggs bo hatched in an incubator? i r urso they can. llunkin. who raise; ni re dudes for market than any other man íd America, hatchea all his ducke in incubators.