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Look out for the key! ' Business is dull in the circuit court. Henry Neuhofï has removed to Detroit. Mrs. Andrew Ryan died in Ypsilanti Monday. J. T. Bcrry has been appointed postmaster at Worden. The Ypsilanti colored men have organized an Odd Fellows lodge. About four hundred books have been added to the high school library. Thomas McMahon paid $5.40 into Justice Butts' court for being drunk. Moses Seabolt has been appointed administrator of the estáte of M. M. Green. James M. Stafford paid $6,250 for the store he occupies, to Charles Fauth. Look out for the Key ! It will take a five dollar admission fee to get into the Ann Arbor Light Infantry. A Ypsilanti small boy fished a thirty-two inch eel out of the Hurón this week. Edward Meeker was sent to jail for ten days by Justice Pond Wednesday for drunkenness. The annual state convention of the Congregational church begins its session in this city next Tuesday. Rev. R. H. Felton; pastor of the Ypsilanti A. M. E. church, died Wednesday night, of heart disease. The case of Mas. Kate L. Moore vs. Wilfred B. Thompson for slander, is being carried up to the supreme court. Look out for the Key ! David Rockwell, the butcher at No. 8 West Liberty street, is putting in a California water motor to run his sausage machine. Justice Bogardus, of Ypsilanti, fined Peter Jansen #10 and costs this week, for peddling circúlars advertising obscene nostrums. Prof. B. M. Thompson has been tendered the unanimous request of the senior laws to deliver the farewell address to them this year. Dr. L. T. Townsend, of Boston, the ■ author of Credo, delivers the closing address before the Wesleyan Guild next Sunday evening. The Detroit engagement of the U. of M. Minstrels on the 23rd of this month promises to be a great success. Nearly all of the boxes have been sold already. Miss Lavinia D. Todd, daughter of Charles Todd, of Hamburg, died May io, of spinal disease, aged twenty-two years. The funeral was held at Hamburg, Tuesday. Patrolman Collins ran James Smith of E. Huron street down to jail Wednesday night for assaulting his wife. He gave bail yesterday to appear before Justice Pond to day. Can the Key be found? Mrs. Agnes Coffee, wife of Eugene Coffee, of South Fourth avenue, died Monday, of consumption, aged thirty-two years. The funeral will be held at ten o'clock thismorning. Hazel, the little three year old daughter of Dr. Dell, occasioned her parents much anxiety by straying away from home Wednesday. After several hours search, she was found playing in Allen's creek. Ex-Congressman Allen, while in Detroit Wednesday, said to a Tribune reporter: " I have now settled quietly down to the practice of law in Ypsilanti, and it would require a strong influence to again cause me to abandon it." The plat of College Hill addition to the city of Ann Arbor was filed for record Tuesday. One hundred and nine lots are platted. Five of these lots have already been sold, and it is said that a $10,000 house is going up on one of them. A petition is being circulafed for the opening of Summit Street from Beakes street through to Detroit street, and giving the whole front bounded by Detroit and Beakes. street to the city from the line of Summit street extended. Can the Key be found? The Southern Washtenaw Farmers club at their meeting at Frank Spafford's last Friday elected B. G. English, president; W. E. Pease, H. R. Palmer and S. M. Merrithew vice-presidents; Mrs. J. M. Spafford secretary and A. Hitchcock president. Prof. M. E. Cooley, of the U. of M., has received a flattering offer from Cornell, but it is hardly probable that he will accept in view of the trouncing the U. of M. boys gave Cornell at the recent ball game in Detroit. The professor prefers to remain with the fellows who are on top. Marshal Murray notified a couple of students on División street, Wednesday, to stop playing ball. He went around the block and when he got back, he found tliem again playing. He took them before a justice and they were released on paying $3 costs. Their names were James Callahan and David Lyons. About two hundred from Detroit took the free excursión to Ypsilanti yesterday to attend the auction sale of lots. It is said that Mayor Pingree, of Detroit, gave his men permission to go out, if they desired to see the property with the intention of buying, without losing any pay for the time they were out of the shop. The Michigan Schoolmaster's club meets in room 24 of University hall, May 13. The topics are the Legal Authority of the Teacher, by Stewart MacKibbin, of Marshall, and W. C. Hewitt, of Three Rivers, Mental Power by Profs. Hinsdale and Dewey and the "Real Schule" by Prof. Ziwet and Sigamond Metzter, of East Saginaw. The inspector of the board of health requests us to state that when new vaults are dug in the city limits, the old ones cannot be covered up until the contents are removed. There is a strict ordinance against it. Complaints for nuisances should be made to Inspector Clark at his residence,62 east Washington, when they will be promptly attended to. Csn the Key be found ? _ Though an oversight, no mention has yet been made that the Chequamegon orchestra will accompany the gym. minstrels on their trip, playing in Ypsilanti, Jackson, Detroit, this city and possibly in Toledo. As the orchestra has been giving their best efforts to perfecting their part of the program for the past three weeks, there is no doubt it will be well worth hearing. Miss Mary Ann Peebles died on Tuesday evening, after a long illness, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Maria B. Gilbert, on South Fifth avenue. She was born in Madison county, New York, on July 5, 181 1, removed to Salem in 1832 and to this city in 1868. The funeral was held yesterday at the house, from whence the remains were conveyed tohe family lot in Salem. Look out for the Key! A committee of twenty officials from Grand Rapids was in the city, Tuesday morning, inspecting the county house, with a view of getting points for a new poor-house about to be erected by Kent county. They have visited several cities in the state and spoke highly of the condition in which they found everything here. From here they went to Ann Arbor. - Jackson Patriot. And when the Kent county house is built we expect to see a striking resemblance to the Washtenaw county house. Last evening's Detroit News says: A. B. Glover, of the Ann Arbor Electric railway and the Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor motor line, made several trips on the Healy motor yesterday, which is making regular trips on Jefferson between Woodward avenue and Belle Isle bridge, and has concluded to take three of the motors as soon as they can be built. It is possible that the City company will put more of the motors in service, as they have put men on the machine with Mr. Healy to learn to run it. A lantern exhibit is to be given before the Trinity Club by Mr. E. M. Brigham, next Monday evening in the Unitarian church. His subject is an account of an expedition of exploration made for the Smithsonian- Institution in the Wilds of the Amazon. The views are very finely taken and prowise to be very instrnctive. Music will De furnished by harp, Miss Mary Clarken; violin, Miss L. H. Fletcher; organ, Miss Marian Smith; and Schubert's Serenade by Miss Gertrude Sunderland, accompanied by violin, Miss L. H. Fletcher and organ, Miss Marian Smith. Look out for the Key !