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Sulphur Bitters

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THE CREAT 1 l Germán RemedyÉ 3 TRUTHS FOB THE SICK. I For those deathlyl $1,000 will be paidi jBilious Spells depend for a case where W Jon Sdlphub phüb Bitters willh will cureyou. not assist or cure. Itt J"""""""""" never i'ails. W m Do y ou suffer with ___ .k ■ that tired and all gone Cleanse the vitiated k Jfeeling? If so, use blood when you seeP ] SULPHUB BlTTEES; ts impurities burst-B A lt will cure yon. m ng through the skin 3 Operatives who are i tapies, Blotches, L Jcloielyconfinedinthe and Sores. Relj ■ onK milis and workshops; S11" Bl"E' T Jclerks who do not and oealth will fol-t W procure sufficient low _ ifc Jercise, and all who Sulphub Bitters E Tare conflned indoors, wu cure LiverCom-P A should use Sulphub piaint. Don't be L BITTEBS. Tliey will COuraged; it will cure k Jnotthenbe weakand you. " M If IniiíñTñtíísn1 SULPHUR BITTERS W Jto"nírLneWnnÍ wlbuildyou upandÉ J atism, use a bottle of jpake } ou strong and T TSolphub Bitters; healthy. W J it never faïls to cure. Sülphur Bitters L Don't be without a will make your blood P 2 bottle. Try it; you pure, ricU and strong, ta 1 will not regretit. and yonr flesh hard. "SdïèTndêiicate1 Try Sulpbub t Jhealth, who are all ters to-night, and H "1 run down, should use you will sleep well J Sulphur Bitters, and f eel better for it. f Do you want the best Medical Work published ? Send three 2-ct. stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co.t Boston, Mass., and receive a copy free.