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Accident items tva likelr to he numer jus, as tlie Piymoum Air Gun works are turning out 2,0'JO we ipou uxiïy, md the 3mall boy is always "in it. " Au oratorical contest held at Ann ! oor, and participated in by the western colleges, resulted in Austin C. Gorinley, of Michigan univerity, taking the firsc prize of $100. Canfield Cole is a Fowlerville sportsman of very deficiënt marksmanship. The Dther day he espied a woodchuck in the yard and fired, the full charge of shot lodging in his wife's neck. She may recover. Hargreave & Co. 's shingle niill was cremated at Bay (Jity with a $35,000 loss. Insured for L10,000. A Grand Haven genius has evolved a gas makiug machine that is to revolutionize the heating and cooking problem of the age, if the iuventor's prophetic visión proves true. Benton Harbor has been made a port of entry with Capt. B. F. Rounds in command as collector. White Caps paid their respects to a Morenci man who deserted his familyand went back to the maternal protec tion of his ma. The fellow thought best to heed tbe-warning aui is again caring for his own. A. C. Bowman, Petoskey's supervisor, stepped between two freight cara just as they came together and was crushed. He was a very highly resoected citizen. Several boys who were applicants for the naval cadetship from the Ëighth district, were rejected on account of heart troubles caused by the deadly cigarette nabit. Burglars ransacked the F. and P. M. depot at Yale without capturing any cash, and being extra dry lot they tapped a barrel of whisky and got away with a considerable portion of tne contents. Jefferson O'Connell lives at Adrián, and for the past thirty-seven years has he delivered parcela for the United States Express company in that city. The United States Graphite company is a Sagiuaw concern which bas just been incorporated with a capital stock of $100,000. Spirit venders of Calhoun county have contributed $18,065 license mouey to the ublic treasury. Croswell has a brick of an institution hat turns out 14,000 well made brick per ay, aud finds ready sale for its prodct. 'Tis very rare that the Salvation Army ets up oa auy towa it tackles, bnt Wyanotte was too inuch for the Army and it las evacuated. Soine sharper is enveavoring to relieve ie farmers of the state of their surplus uauge ty selling 'em a guaranteed anada thistle externiiuator at $3.50 per xterminate. An Arm Arbor girl has been arrested nd jailed for trying to pass forged ïecks. She was induced to the deed by ïer lover, who wished to raise money to nable the pair to elope. The longevity of Eaton Rapids canines s being materially shortened by a diet of eefsteak and strychnine. Huron county farmers have found plum ulture to be a profltable industry, and arge numbers of trees are being planted his spring. A Bay county jury listened to the eience and gave it as its opinión that Robrt Smith committed murder when he dlled his brother, Jude, last December, Ibeit Robert claimed it was a case of elf-defense. A life job at Jackson awaits im. Few people care to have their milk kimmed, but that same process enables tie Mt. Pleasant crearaery to realize a Ü5 )er cent. dividend the past seaaon. Mrs. Benjamin Kelley is a Holloway ady who claims to have grown a lemon weighing twenty-four ounces in the con;enial clime of Lenawee county. The Holly Mining company ground ver 90,000 barrels of flour last year, and s putting up a 25,000 bushel elevator as n auxiliary to its steady growing business. The Faimers' Alliance has forty-eight odges in Sanilac county, which iudicates hat the farmers of this bailiwick appreiate the value of organization. The matrimonial market has been very active at Jackson of late, resulting in a enuine hired girl famine in the prison ity. Lenawee claims to be the boss cheese county in the state, having twenty fac,ories in operation, and every one of them making money. Mrs. F. Nye, who lives near Lapeer, alled on a neighbor, leaving a 2-year-old aby, a son of 8 summevs, and a revolver o keep house. When she returned the aby was dead, shot by its eider brother. Peter Pegier is a Monroe farmer whose arns were recently burned, and 1,000 iushels of corn, 400 of wheat, and a compete outfit of farming tools were roasted it the same time. Mrs. D. B. Whitbeck, the Kalamazoo ady whose husband was killed on the Michigan Central last winter, has sued hat Corporation for $20,000 worth of recompense. Petosky wants the proposed extensión of the Chicago and West Michigan railway and has voted $S,000 woith of jonds to be issued for "public improvements." Cadillac is negotiating with a Chicago company for a waterworks system. William Harrison lost a row of tenement houses at Grand Bapids last fall, and now another row of dwellings, on the same foundations, are in ashes. It is thought to be the work of an incendiary. Dagnette, the chap who's trying for a pardon from Jackson prison, is the fellow who was sent up for thirty-four years for the murder of his little stepson up punching a red hot poker through the child's body. Of the thirty-three people who've fitted themselves to the mayor's chair at Grand Rapids, twenty were born in New York, while only one was a Michigan man by birth. Grand Rapids' street car company had $30,000 worth of barns and street cars cremated. The heavy frosts of the past week will have a tendency to make the strawberry short cake a luxury in most sections of the state this season. Lansing has a tooth doctor of fifty years' experience in the world and a whole heap o' wisdom, who's never taken a peep at- "Uncle Tom's Cabin." The state supremo court decides that only those veterans who enlisted under Father Abraham's cali fox 200,000 more, Feb. 1, 1864, are entitled to that $100 state bounty. John H. McLana, a Coldwater coutractor, gets the job of building the C. and W. M. extensión from Traverse Citv j to Charlevoix, a distance oí ninety-tbreu miles, becHUse he made the lowest bid. John does the worlt for about $600,000, bat the other fellows wanted many thousands more. John McLean, a wealthy Vermontville pioneer, was ungracious enough to die at T5 without leaving evén a long-distance heir. The Russell mattress factory, of Grand Rapids, was crem.ited at a loss of $6,000 or $7,000. Well insured. Sallroth & Chitteudeu's stave and hoop mili cremated at Ashley with a loss of $20,000. To be rebuilfe A traveling fakir talked to a Coldwater crowd flfteen minutes and then drove away with 2J0 of the crowd's money. Ground bas been broken for Saginaw's new city hall to cost $100,000, and work thereon will be crowded to an early completiou of the structure. Woodland's treasury is being depleted at the rate óf $40 per week by the woodchuck bounty of 26 cents per scalp.