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The Butter And Cheese Factory

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The Ann Arbor butter and cheese company filed articles of incorporaion in the county clerk's office Friday for the purpose of carrying on he manufacture of butter and cheese and other products of milk. The capital stock of the company is )laced at $6,500, of which $5,800 s actually paid in. The shares are en dollars each. W. B. Smith and l. G. Barnes have 100 shares each. ienry Cornwell, Alpheus Felch and S. Wood have 50 shares each. Ernest Eberbach and Thomas Blake ïave 20 shares, and the followlng ïave ten shares each: Fred B. iraun, L. Gruner, David Rinsey, Caspar Rinsey, Oliver M. Martin, T. W. Dembois, D.L. Godfrey, Elen B. Godfrey, G. W. Pratt, J. J. Parshall, H. N. Hicks; G. D. Frederick, Daniel Hiscock, Jas. G. Rash, M. S. White, C. F.Widenmann, Wiliam Parker, E, T. Blake, S. D. ennon and Chas. Eberbach.