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Some Aspects Of The Art Loan

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Such an enterprise as the Art ..oan brings together many types of luman nature and develops traits ïitherto unsuspected in people about us. No one could have been )resent during the day or two of final preparation before the Chrisian Association building was opened without seeing many amusing and some pathetic incidents. Every ady present had been at work for weeks, begging, beseeching, im)loring from friends and even from :oes, curious, bcautiful or rare aricles for her special department. ier nerves were strung up to the ïighest pitch, she was oppressed by he awful sense that by Saturday morning at ten o'clock, everything nust be in order and ready for inspection. On the floors were piled )ictures, hangings and draperies; on ables stood every variety of antique and modern objects d'ari, carpeners were putting finishing touches to supports p.nd scantlings; one moment a niember of a refreshment committee rushed hurriedly past carrying a large coffee boiler, the next followed some one with a case of jewels. Here was a glass showcase on top of which a cup and saucer from the far oriënt elbowed the candlestick of a New England Puritan. Everything was confusión, and every one in a hurry. The catalogue committee were trying in almost despair to complete authentic lists for the printer's use. If one asked a question in regard to any object he was referred to some lady in another part of the building; on finally securing her attention he generally found she was not on the committee qualified to give information in regard to his special query. In one room might be seen three or four weary ladies, almost in despair, because after all their labors some thoughtless friend had expressed the opinión that their arrangement was inharmonious in color and design. And yet out of the general chaos order was produced, so that the visitor who entered the Art Loan at 1 1 o'clock on Saturday morning found an attractive, well arranged collection, everything in perfect condition and ladies at leisure to explain and dilate on their various specia! departments. The American woman may be a bundie of nerves and a hysterical creature, as some people would have us believe, but the Art Loan has at least demonstrated that when she puts her nervous energies to the test, she can accomplish in forty-eight hours a task which would make many a strong man quail before it.