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The much talked of Dr. Piek gave his first lecture last evening in Nickel's Hall. The application of his principies to remembering the genders of French nouns was of itself well worth the cost of admission. The student is not instructed to remember something else, the system is very natural and sample. Recollection depends upon strength of impressions and the aids of this are (i) concentration on a few thoughts at a time, (2) comparison preceding from the known as a basis. The exceptions to agrammatical rule are learned, for example, by thinking of the words in pairs, as mulletfish, fish-river, etc. Prof. Dewey stated if anyone could give useful hints on memorizing Dr. Piek is the man. He has taught the subject for two and one-half years in America and thirty years in England. On last Saturday afternoon Mrs. W. A. Campbell and Mrs. J. N. Martin entertaihed about fifty U. of M. girls. Mrs. Trueblood read her dramatization of Daniel Deronda whiclj was received with eager attention.


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