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Overhead Rights

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Althongh any one may extend an overhead wire across or along a street, it does not seem generally known that no Wire may pass over a house without the permission of the proprietor, even though the wire be in no way connected with the house. The owner may, if he pleases, take them all down, for his freehold extends from the center of the earth up to the sky. This is a principie that is not generally understood, but occasionally a householder is found who knows his rights and will not allow them to be infringed. Such a person was the landlord of a large boarding house on Beacon Hill, who made the electric light company prnvide bulbs for the lighting of his dining room in return for the privilege of stringing wires upon his roof. Few persons are so well posted in the law as to know what their rights are, and it is an object with large corporations to keep them in isrnorance. -