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Rosamond's Conundrum

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Five-year-old Rosamond, whose father is very clever at making charades, was seated at dinner one day when several guests were present. They were all giving conundrums when the little girl quietlysaid, "Papa, I have one." "Well, my child, what is it?" "Why is the bark of a tree like a dead kitten?" The answer: "Because it can't mew," was greeted with roars of laughter. - New York Tribune. Bread must not be broken into the soup, nor the soup plate tipped, as the last mouthful must not be devoured. Sjoup must be taken from the side of the spoon, not from the end. A whole slice of bread or biscuit or muffin should not be buttered at once. It should not be cut, but should be broken off in small pieces, and a bit of butter put on as they are eaten, one by one. The best way to examine the color of a sample of water is to place the liquid in a long tube closed at each end by a plate of glass. While one extremity of the tube is directed to the source of light, the color is noted at the other. By using the same tube for a series of water samples, it will be possible thus to get properly comparable results. __ i Oíd sight - presbyopia - begins at about the age of forty. It is first noticed by the tendency to hold the paper fnrther off. The glasses shonld not enlarge the letters, bnt simply render them clear and natural at the ordinary reading diatance. Whatever the ocular defect, th proper glasses should be obtained as soon as it is discovered. There are few intelligent men and women of our day who are not connected with some charitable or reformatory or other philanthropic institution as managers or trustees or members of committees, or who are not active workers in some organized form of benevolence. I Dickena' home, Gad's Hill place, is a great object of interest to Americans in London. It is now the property of Francia Law Latham, and remains just as it was when the noveh'st died.


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