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Monkeys As Coin Testers

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It is said that the great ape of Siam is in great request among the Siamese merchants as cashiers in their counting houses. Vast quantities of base coins are known to be in circnlation in Siam, and, according to advices from that scorched up little oriental kingdom, no living human can discrimínate between the good and bad coinage with as mnch acnracy as these apes. These monkey cashiers possess the facnlty of distinguishing the rude Siamese counterfeits in such an extraordinary degree that no trained banker can compete with them in their nnique avocation. In plying his trade the ape cashier meditatively put each coin presented to him in his mouth and tests it with grave deliberation. Prom two to five second? is all the time this intelligent animal requires in making up his decisión. If the coin is all right it is carefully deposited in the proper receptacle; if base it is thrown violently to the floor, whüe the coin tester makes known his displeasnre at being presented with the counterfeit by giving vent to much angry ing.


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