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We've All Been There

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ww -' w -y A4 afV-VIl Jb UT1 Ol "No," said Fogg, "it's no use for me to go to concerts. I went once, and liked it well enough too; but great guns! when I took up next morning's paper I was flabbergasted. It tolfl of rambles in bosky dells, slumbrous musings over the dimpled waters of the gurgling brook, the soughing of summer breezes, the roar and rash of the winter's storm, the merry singing of birds, the frolicMngs of lambs, the daisy piled fields, the lovers' soft glances, and - and in f act half a hundred other things that 1 didn't seo or hear when that f ellow was fiddling at the concert. It made me so ashatned of myself that all these things were going on right in front of me and I not know it that I jnst made up my mind that concerts weren't in my line."- Boston Transcript. Miss Lonise Iinogene Guiney, danghter of the late General P. R. Guiney, has been invited to read an original poein at the Sherman memorial meeting in Boston, June 4. General Hawley will de'iver the oration. The Esquimau dog will eat almost any of the dried fruits. The sour or acid fruits, as the orange, lemon, lime, shaddock, etc, as well as the sour plums and the bitter olives, are rarely eaten. A Platinum Saw. It has been noticed that platinnm, when placed in an electrical current, is heated to a dull redness. This fact is the basis of the invention of an electrical saw which will cut quickly and neatly the hardest wood. The device is made of steel wire, upon which is deposited metallic platinnm. By connecting this modified wire with the terminals of four Bunsen batteries the platinum is heated to a bright redness, and the saw is ready for business. - New York Journal. A pure heart creates a demand for pure linen.


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