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It is impossible to onderstand these bar barons people. One thing is certain; if they do a thing they do it with all their might. Thirty years ago they had a big civil war. The whole country was turned into miiitary camps and battlefields, and everybody, even to the women folk, were engaged in the war in one way or another, and one anny nnmbered 2,000,000 men. And now there are young inen, oíd enough to vote, who had never seen a conipany of soldiers in their life. In fact these people seem to think that another war will never break out, especially in their part_ of the world. A person can travel clêar across the American continent without seeing a soldier, and follow the main lines of travel too. In fact, at the present time, there is only about one soldier for every 9 nnn norsnn wliilft Rnssia has one dier to every