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Fruth Medical And Surgical Institute

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Permanently established and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, with a capital stock of $100,000, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Chronic and Sexual t Diseases, Catarrh, Axthnm; Stomach, Kidney, Bladder Nervous and Special Deseases of Men and Women. Ably assisted by a full staff of eminent physicians and surgeons for every department of medicine and surgery. Female Diseases positively cured by a , Kidnev and Bladder Diseases never íaüins tnethod. Ahorne treatment 1 Brigbfs Disease, Diabetcü and kmtlred malatirelvharnilessand easily applied. 1 dies treated and cures etteeted in thousandsol tion free and strictly conüdential. - 3 that had been pronounced bevond hope. Dr Fruth after years of experience has Private BloodPoison Svpy perfeètedthemostinfalliblemetfiodofeuniiK UU. Gonorrhcea, Sleet, Strunure. Hydroee ie vitaldrain in Urine. Nocturnal losses, Verioooele,LOB8 ol s.-xual Power and all d isTMirPrt Memorv, Weak Back, Melancholy, Seases ..1 ihe gomtö-imnary organs, speedily Want oï Enerw-, Premature decline of the and pei-menfny cuicd. No rluks mcurred. ManlyPowera if consultea before .diocy, Coiií-u Kation tree and stnctly confldeat.a I. an"tv iallinK flts or total impotency reeults. Medicine eem ftee from observation to all a?heie' terrible disorders arise irom rumous Parts of the United States. practicesof youth, the most radiant Catarrh Cured. Catarrhal affections ot hopee unflttinjj patiënt lor study, society, or the nose, throat, Imifrs and stomach, bronmarriage Annually sweeping to an chitis. nsthnm, oonsumption and dyspepsla, timely grave thousands of youug men of BuocesefuUy treated by the most recentand brilia'ut intelect and exalted talent. eeieutitle niethods whieh a vast hospital exPiles Cured without 'pain, knife or fSSbSSÏiSSoSöS cautery. testimoniáis on file at the institute, ofthouMarriage. Married persons oryoueft men sands oí helploss oasea that we havo restored concemplatinjf niarriage, aware of physieal tobeflHh idbapplnesa. weakness, loss. of procreatjye powers, jrruo üxamlnation of the Urine. potency, or any other disqualalifleation, j;act, pe,on appiying for medical treatment speedily restored. . gbould send or L an ounee of their urine, EDlIeosy positively cuied byournewand which will reeeivo a careful Chemical and never failinK Hospital treatment. microscopical examinatlon. WnWBWBBHf PrTBtï Perfccted in old caste which have been neg-lected orunskillfully treated. WUflü&fttUk WWfifbS No experiment ot failures, Parties treated by mail and express, but where possible, personal coneultation Is preferred. Curable cases guaranteed. ÖT"Case8 and correspondenee confldential. Treatment sent C. O. D. to any part of the V S. List of 130 questione tree. Addreas with pottage. DR. D. O. FRUTH, 89 East Madis on Street, Chicago, 111, lío Money Kequired oí Eeponslble Parties to Oommence Treatment. Formerly of New York, now the celebrated E.xamining Physieians nnd Surgeons of the Fruth Mecioal and Surgical lnetitute, Chicago, 111., by reouest. of miiiiy Friends and Patients, have decirted to visit -IJfA jljíjiok THTJUSDAY, JUNE 4th, 1891. CoDBultation and Examination free and strictly confldential in the private parlors oí ONE DAYONLY. D. 0. FRUTH. A. C. FRUTH. Celebrated Surgeon. Examinlngr Physiclan, , OF THE