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New Uses For An Old Material

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Peat, nsed f or fuel from the earlieet times, and long known to be of great valué as a fertüizer, now finds so many other applications that its prepar&ticn has developed into an industry. Peat powder is serviceable, not only abont stables but elsewhere, on account of ite absorbent and somewhat antiseptic properties and 1jw eest. A Frenen surgbon introduced this powder", treated with antiseptic solnrions and contained in a clotb bag, as a dressing f or wounds. The idea, said to be a very old one among the working people of some places, was improved npon by another medical man of Paris, Dr. Redon, who made a soft and phable wadding of peat. Other dressings have since crowded these out of hospitals, though the peat applications are raming into use and gaining in favor among veterinary surgeons. Dr. Redon's ■wadding has yielded important results by leading to many efforts to produce woven fabrics, so that peat is now made into mattresses, coverings, cárpete, etc., which are esteemed on account of their power of