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President Angell's Address

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President AngelĂ­ gave a very pow;rful and broad spirited address yes:er:!ay afternoon, upon "Methods of iucreasing the efficiency of Our Churches." He advised : (i) That services should be enriched with better music and a more varied program in which the laity could particĂ­pate; (2) the church should make a careful study of the spiritual tondition and need of the workingman, on whom their hold has loosened; (3) it is wise to take a frank and tolerant attitude toward the higher criticism of religious doctrine; (4) large liberty in beliefs should be allowed to layman and candidates for the ministry, if their actions show them to possess the real spirit; (5) there is need for a larger portion of better prepared ministers; more college men would enter the profession if assured they need not sacrifice true liberty of thought; (6) the most effective way to strengthen churches is to enlist them in a hand to hand wrestle with men; every layman should do some regular Christian work.