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The May freezes of the past week were ' not intense enough to damage the 1 ient lake sbore penca erop, accordiug to I the growers' report. At the Lausing session of the state ' board of pharmiicy, thirty-two druggists and twenty-üve assistauta were ' sioued. Wheeler & Co., West Bay City ; builders, have increassd their' capital ] stock to $600,000 and will engage in the manufacture of a variety oí wood and iron work. Some Albion chap with exceedingly small seose of honor fired the paper raill at that city, but a wideawake watchman discovered the blaze and doused it before much damage was done. Mrs. Enirna Goldstein collected some cash of charitable Lansing people for the establishment of a home for friendless girls at Ann Arbor, but it seems she couliin't staud prosperity and iudulged in a common, every-day sort of a drunk. In default of a fine she was jailed. Marquette has tried some experiments in electric lighting, and has decided that an all night sti-eet service gives the best satisfaction. Clintou's Siding, a station four miles north of Farwell, on the Toledo and Ann Arbor line, was destroyed by forest fims sixteen families barely escapIng with their lives. A saw mili and a large aruount of lumber was burned. Loss, $40,000. Greeding Bros., Monroa fruitists, have set out 1,000 pear trees this spring. Crows are so thick aud hungry in the neighborhood of Attica that they piek out the eyes of young lambs. The apple erop of this state is not likely to be an ampie one as few of the trees are blossoming this spring. It may be considered rather late in the season for fishing stories, but John Boucher is a Soo Indian guide who dipped up 1,225 white fish witn a net in two days, the past vvéek. Talk of disbanding company A, First regiment, M. S. G. This is the company that had the collision with the Ana Arbor students last winter. Ionia people think they scent oil and other treasures in the subterranean depths below, and are preparing to put down an exploring well. Owosso Congregationalists think them selves entitled to a more commodious house of worship, and as they are willing to vvhack up an even $50,000 for the purpose, nobody objects. W. S. Wilcoxtas resigned the superintendency of an Adrián Sunday school, having held the position for half a ceatury. A Marcellus parson caught a fellow in the act of depositing a quid oL tobáceo on the church floor during religious services, and publicly intimates that there's a hot climate awaitiug those who'll do such a trick. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frazen, Dowagiac people, are the parents of a daughter which weighed one-and-a-half pounds at birth, and when two weeks old weighed two plump pounds. Three new cheese factorios have cone into commission in Tuscola county, making eight that are now engaged in the curdling business. James M. Turner, of Lansing, late Republican candidate for governor of the state, is financially embarrassed and has filed a bilí oí sale of nis personal property to Detroit parties. Croswall's flax factory is being put In shape for a big summer's job, the expectation beiug that V00 tons of raw material will be workd up. W. R. Coats. of Kalamazoo, has been engaged to superintend the completion of Muskegon's ?500,000 system of waterworks. Engineer Dairs, who had the job in tow, wiil fire an ï8,500 damage suit at the city. A Mrs. Gallagher, whose home is near Owosso, was recently bitten by a mad dog and has gone to New York to secure relief by the Pasteur process. Miss Minnie Goodes, of St. Johns, and A. L. Marión, of Frankfort, won the prizes in tbe Normal oratorial coutest .at Ypsilanti. Forty of the 100 furniture factories ol the state are doing business at Grand Rapids. F. M. Lemkie, of Kalamazoo, was elected commander of the Order of the Red Cross at the annual meeting held at Lansing, and A. F. Stewart, of Jáckson, iá scribe of the same orgauization. For the first time in years Jackson has no photographer enrolled among her long list of state boarders, the last picture taker having been released a few days since. Dr. Mark T. Busaey, the Jacksou gentleman who's been engaged in a lawsuit with his wife for mauy years, is dead from heart disease. Alpena's extract company seems to be a sure go, as arraugements are being made for the erection of a $60,000 factory. This enterprise has no referenoe to pastry perfumes, as the extract will be made from hemlock bark aud used in tanning purposes. Bellevue has had so many funerals of late that much difneulty has been experienced in obtaining pall bearevs. Luke Walsh gets an income of $00,000 per annum from the Dunn mine, near Crystal Falls. The Calumet and Hecla copper company are now operating a pump that can throw 51,000,000 gallons of water daily. 'Tis the largest water thrower in the world. A Muskegon man is playing to hard luck. He and his wife failed to agree to disagree, and he boarded at the bastile for a season because of her non-support. Now comes a Grand Rapids offleer and taketh him in tow on a charge of bigamy. Charles Musselman is a Mendon man who's been trying to win a $500 wager by collecüng 1,000,000 canceled postage stamps in two years. Looks like a small price for a big contract. Sberherd's clothes pin factory stayed outside the trust and now prices havn been forced down to so low a point by said trust that the Shepherd institutiou has been compelled to quit business . An Adrián man doesn't believe that the maxim, "Always aim a little higher than the mark," is applicable to all cases. F'rinstance, he couldu't think of kissing a girl on the i03e, not when he knew himself. The official count of the spring election gives Montgomery a plurality ot 4,940. The constitutional amendment, increasing the salary of the attorney general has a majority of 1,287. Michigan has 307 Masonic lodges with in her borders with a membership of 31,864, of whicli 1,764 were added during 1890. Mrs. Julia Chapman, who has been a resident of the state since 1828, and was the mother of the first white child born n Jackson county, is dead at the &%e of !T years. St. Clair has already expended $5,237.66 n tbe rnaintaiuauce of lier unfortunate joor this year. William J. Tunmore allegeu that O. L. Diividson, a Grand Rapids man, has ilieuated ilO.uOO worth oL his wife's afEections, and brings suit to recover that I imount. The liquor dealers of Calhoun county lave coutributed $2l.C00 worth of liceuse 'ees to the public treasury this month. Wells W. Leggett, Micbigan's leading patent attorney, and a promiuent man in electric light circles, died at his Detroit home on May 14. The Genesee county chap whose testimony enabled a lady aequaintance to obtain a divorce and cash accompaniment of $1,800, was rewarded by the womau beconiiug his wife. Tho dry goods business at Jackson 3eems to be a rocky road to success, since thirty-eight ruerchants in that city have gone to the wall in as many years. The latest failure, that of John J. Juomey, was by far the heaviest of tlie entire lot. Two Stockbridge boys opened the snake season at that town by slaying seventyflve reptiles in a single day. The small boy and his bonfire got away with $25,000 worth of property in the business portion of Lowell. Au efficiënt system of waterworks alone saved the town froui destructioa.