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Following were the quotations on the board of tradeto-day: Wheat- No. ' May, opeued, and closed $1.1)7; Juiy.opened and closed S1.02M; September, opened 98c, closed 979ác. Cornizo, i May, opened 61-fLc; closed 61íc; July, opened 58Hc, closed 58Jéo; September, opened 57e, closed öTc Oats- No. 2 May, opened - , closed üljc; July, opened 46c, ciosed 47c; September, opened 37c, closed 3(j%c. Pork- May. opened $11.2% closed 811.40; July, opened $11.37} closed $11.55; September, opened $11.60, closed $11.75. Lard- May, opened iii.40, closed $6.50. Live stock- Following were the prices at the Union stock yards to-day: Hogs - Market active on local and shipping account, and prices fully 5c higher; sales ranged at 82.80 4.80 pigs, U.Ziai.70 light. S4.35@4.5J rough packiog, S4-404-75 mixed, and S155xs4.85 heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle- Market rather active on local and sliipping account; Quotations ranged at $5.75 @6.50for choice to fancy shipping steers,$5.ÜO@ 5.70 good to choice do, 84.3J@4.90 coinmon to fair do, 83.50O4.35 butchers' steers, $2.6l)(a3.50 stockers, $2.75@4.70 Texans, $3.40@4.30 feeders, $1.50@-00 cows, $1.5J@3.50 bulls, and $2.504.50 veal calves. Sheep- Demand only moderate and prices ruled steady; quotatious ranged at $4.25:85.75 westerns, $4.7536.00 natives, and $0.00ffi7.50 lambs. Produce: Butter- Fancy separator, 17@18c per Ib; dairies, faucy fresh, 116o; packing stocks, fresh, S@10c. Eggs- southern stock, 15c per doz; northern, 15íc. Live poultry- Old cliickens, 9Jc per lb; spring, 21@2i; roosters, 6@5Lc; turkeys, mixed, 7@8c; ducks. 8J@9J4c; Potatoos- Eose, 75S85c per bu; Hebron, 'JUO 95c; Peerless, 85@90c; Burbanks, ïl.0J@1.05c mixed, 65@75c. Strawberries - Tennesseo, fair to good, $1.50@2.00 per 24-qt case; llünois, &2.U0 O2.50. New York. New YORK, May 19. Wheat- No. 2 red winter cash, tl.17); do May, $1.16é; do June, $1.14)4; do July, $1.UH; do August, $1.0t%. Corn- No. 3 mixed cash, 71)c; do May, 70c; do June, 67c; do July, ti%c. Oats- Quiet but steady; No. 2 mixed cash, 51SJÍC; do June, SCJe; do July, üöc. Rye- Neglected. Barley- Neglected. Pork-Dull nd lower; Í 12.00313.25 for new mess. Lard- Quiet; July, $6.78; September, $7J}J.