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He Is Against Cremation

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"Don't you favor this idea of cremation?" asked the old gentleman in the horse car of the man who sat next to him. "No, sir, I don't," said the other man emphatically. "Cremation and crime are synonyrnous terms with me. I have been in the gravestone business long enough to know that the old fashioned method of burial is in every way the best." - Somerville Journal. Most birds are stoics compared to owls, and those who cultívate their acquaintance know that they have no time wherein to make their poetical complaints to the moon. Poets should not meddle with owls. Shakespeare and Wordsworth alone have understood them- by most others they have been scandalously libeled. The most ancient description we have of a water pump is by Hero of Alexandre. There is no anthentic account of the general use of the pump in Gennany previous to the beginñing of the Sixteenth century. At about that time the endless chain and bucket wosks for raising water from mines began to be replaced by pumps. The Ionian isles produce a loóse lace, unique rather than handsome. It waa used at first mainly in the churches and tombs. As antiquity more than doubles tiie price the shrewd natives blacken and mildew their work before offering it to the tourists, who take dirt as a voucher for age. Americana are the greatest newspaper readers in the world. There are 17,000 newspapers published in the United States. It is said that a new publication is born every four hoors and fortyeight minutes day and night; bnt fortunately or unfortunately the death rate is very high. A new System of house wiring f or eleotrio lighting consista of fitting the building with continuous tubes of insulating material, through which the wires are drawn. The tubes are made of paper soaked in a hot bath of bituminons material, and are said to be hard, strong and tough. Judge E. R. Hoar, the senator's brotber, is the leader of the Boston bar. He Is past eeventy, but still carrte himself with erectness, and his step is elastic. He is the father of young Congreesman Hoar.


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