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Hopton's Compromise

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Near a town ia the sonthern part oi Georgia lived Mr. Branscombe, a wealthy fruit grower, who was embroiled in a perpetual feud with a poor trucker named Hopton. The feud was based on Hopton's hog, which committed havoc iu Branscombe's gardeu, and Branscombe finally shot the animal. War vi%a at once declared by Hopton, not against Branscombe personally, but against all his belongings. He tore down fences, wrung the necks of chickens, smeared Branscombe's front steps with paint, and continued this petty persecution until the fruit grower was exasperated beyond endurance. He set a watch on Hopton, and finally caught him in the act of pouring tiirpentine into the pump. The next day Branscombe swore out a warrant for Hopton's arrest for malicious mischief , and it was served that aftemoon. Hopton resisted violently, but finally cahned down, and while on his way to the office of the justice of the peace expressed a wish to see Mr. Branscombe and "settle the whole affair." The constable was an obliging fellow, and acceded to this request. "Kunnel," said Hopton, when brought betore Branscombe, "let's compromise this matter." "Very well," assented Branscombe readily. "During the past six months you have committed damages to the extent of $200. What is your propositionï" "It's this, kunnel," drawled Hopton. "You drop this prosecuting me, and Til let ye


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