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A Queer Distinction In California

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There were some queer distinctions in thoae days. One Sunday, going to the butcher's booth, I found a cnstomer ahaa4 of me, who inqnired if he could not have a piece of a liver which was hanging on a tree in plain sight. "Don't know iL you can or not," said the butcher. "l'd like to know why? Tve been trading with you all along, and nevel asked for liver bef ore; bnt I want some variety now." "Stand around and let me look at yoo. No, you can't have any liver." "Well, why?" "There ain't nough to go round. I have to have soĆ­ne rule about givin' it out, and I have decided that no mi tipt can have a scrap of liver f rom me unless he wears a canvas patch on the seat of his pants." The canvas patch was a badge of precedence as well recognized in our camp on the Trinity as the star of the Order of the Garter is in Great


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