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A Dastardly Crime

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John Gow and Thomas H. Matthews, two printers, have been working at the Register office for the past few weeks. They are now in jail charged with one of the gravest crimes known to the law, a crime blacker than murder. Theyroomed at Munyon's boarding house on Washington Street. Employed in the same house was Katie Kinsley, a young girl of nineteen years of age. On Sunday, May 10, the Munyons had gone to Ohio to attend a funeral. On that evening, the girl claims the two young men carried her into a room up stairs and threatened her with a revolver un-til she fainted away. When she recovred consciousness one of them was apping her face with a wet towel, criminal assault had been perperated. The young men threatened :ie girl with certain death if she told n them. The story, however, got ut and last Saturday the two printrs made themselves scarce. Matlew's brother came here Monday nd on his return to Detroit, officers Peterson and McCabe followed him. At the depot were Gow and Matlews, but the brother warded them ff with a raotion of his valise ati4 tarted in another direction. The fficers followed the two men, who were walking rapidly away. Gow alled to Matthews to "come on" nd broke into a run, but McCabe ïad Matthews before he had started. 'eterson chased Gow for several )locks and captured him. The two men have not yet had their examintion. It is said that a strong effort will be made to settle up the case vith money. But the people should ot allow such a dastardly crime, if )ermitted, to go unpunished. If uilty, the two men should ot be Uowed to free themselves with money. If innocent, they should ïave their names cleared by trial. f guilty, the severest punishment hould be meted out.