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Success Of The Art Loan

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The success of the Art Loan this week has been evengreaterthan last. Excursions have come to it from points on the Michigan Central as far west as Kalamazoo, and also from various points on the Toledo & North Michigan. Tuesday was especially successful financially,) as the net profit of that day, after all the expenses of Schremser's orchestra had been paid, was $275. Doubtless the concert of the U. of M. Glee and Banjo Clubs will prove a great attraction at the closing concert, to-night. It is too soon to say what the exact profits of the Art Loan, as a whole, may be, but several of the managers have expressed the hope and belief that $1,500 would be cleared. Whether this is rue or not, the Art Loan has cerainly brought into working fellowhip people of all sörts of beliefs nd opinions; has given ampie proof of höw generously and unselfishly he ladies of Ann Arbof have united o aid the studente in tlieir good work, and has showrt fhat worrten ïave the capacity to do business iri. business-like way when they really etermine to do it. When these acts are true, no one can feel that he Art Loan has been anything but benefit to the commumity, aside rom the oppörtunities it has offered :or artistic culture.