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Care Of The Hair.

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The hair, like every other portion of the human frame, if nncared for will go to waste and eventually drop out. This is due to a splitting of the ends of the hair, so that the interior oil duet which nourishes the hair is exposed, and the natural nom-ishment of the hair runs to waste, overfiows upon the head, forming dandruff, which impedes the growth of ;he hair just as much as the tares among wheat. The best means to prevent this is a strengthening of the hair, and this can easily be accomplished by frequent cutting and the use of salt water and vaseline. Have yon ever noticed what bushy aair seafaring men have? Did you ever see a bald sailor? It is because their aair is in corstant contact with the invigorating salt air, and is of ten wet with salt water. A good tonic of salt water should contain a teaspoonful of salt to a tuinbler of water, and should be applied to the hair two or three times a week. The effect at the end of a month willbe


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