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No Money Required of Eeponslble Parties to Oommence Treatmenk Fonnerly of New York, now the eelebrated Exnmining Physicians and Surgeons of the Fruth Meolual and Survival lnstitute, Chicago, 111., by ri'iuest of many Friends and Patiënte, have Uecided to visit Ay ABBOR TÏÏUHSDAY, JUNE 4th, 139], ConBultaüon and Examination free and strictly confldentlal in the private parlort of jtks: cooz: hottsib,ONE DAYONLY. D. 0. FRUTH. T. C. FRUTH. Celebrated Surgeon. Examintnsr Phys cir.n, of the ■ Fru+h. Medical and ïnstitate. Permanently established and incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, with a capital stock of $100,000, for the scientific and successful treatment of all forms of Chrcnic and Sexual Distases, Catarrh, AuBmut; Stomach, Eidney, Bladder Nervoue and Special Deseases of' Men and Women. Ably assisted by a full staff of eminent physicians and surgeons for every departraent of medicine and surgery. Famate Diseases positively cured by a Kid-fy and Bladder Dlsea"es never failinii method. Ahorne treatment ennrifrhfs Dip:s.'. Di a beten and klad red mala. tirolv harmlcsBand easily applied. Consultadies treatert kuu uure effeoted In thousamls of tiouïree and strictly confldential. cases thut limi been prooouno ] beyonil hope. Dr Fruth aftrryears of expeiience has Private Iilood Poisnn ■ Svpynerfeóted the most Infaliiblemetfioaotouring lUls. (ionpiThosa, ie.-i. mi k-i ure, nydroceie, Vital dra n in Urine. Nocturnal losses. In.Vericieele. Loss (il Sexual Power anil all dtená red Memory, Weak Back, Melancholy, Beasesof iho gpntto-urlnaiy oraans, Bueedlly fv „t of Ky, Premature decline of the and perineiici-' ly oured. No ri.-ks mcurred. MiïnlyPowérs. ft consulte before idiocy,"inCónsultatlon free and strietly oonfldenttal. nnHv Vi fits or total impotency resulta. Medicine geni tn-e Erom observatton lo all iliesp' terrible disorders arise trom nirnous partsotth. I nitedStates. practicesof youth, blithing the most radiant Catan li Uurfd, Catarrlml uff' ctlo is oL hopes, unflttlng patiënt for sludy, society, or the nose, Ihroat, Uings and stomacn. iironmarriage. Annually 8vetpin(f to an un' rhitis, asthrnn, consuinptiou and dyspepsia, timely prave thousands of young men of suooensfull.v treated by the most recent and briliaut intelect and e.xalii'il tnlent. BOlentille methode whioh a vast hospital ex_,, „ . i,„,, ',,„{„ uif.. ínperlfDoe has proved wortliy of confldence. Piles Cured without . pain, kuilt or foe(le8ll.enobLtter proof oeuoceg than the eautery. testimonia. s on rile ut the lnstitute, of thouMarriaco. Mnrrlpd persons oryounjrinen Bands of heniles oases ihat we havo rostored oonwmplatin mnrrlHge, awai-o l pbysioal to health und happlu weakoess, !oss of piooreaöve powers, Free Examlnation of the Urine. poteney. or any other dlsquulalincatloD, Bachperson [iplyioif for medical treatmem speedliy restored. BÜoulü se'Ml or ] nnj (in ounoe 01 thelr urine, Epilepsv pot-itively cuied bv our nuw and which will r-celve u oaroful ohemloal and never faiilng Floapltal treaiment. microspo'i:iil namluatlon. ■■■■;, iji pfffiffl Perfcoted in old cus e which havo been ne rl3teii orunsklllfully treated. WUÍitíftiU uUftfe No ej.jn-1 nteiits dr failuree. Partió? treated by mail and expresa, but where póssible, personal oonsultatlon is preferrcd, Cu.'tibie cases guaranteed. ri"Cases aud correspondenee confldential. Treatnmnr ueut C. O. D. t'i any nart of theU S. List of 130 Questions free. Addreag with postado. i)lt. D. O. 'RUIM, 89 Easc Madiso Street, Chicago, 111,