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London, May 25.-Lord Randolph Churchill cables to The Graphic froin Capetown that on May 12 au encounter took place at the rear oí Massikesse, between the Portugue9e and the British South África company's pólice. The Portuguese numbered about 250 Europeans and 500 natives with four guns. The British numbered sixty with one gun. The Portuguese were repulsed with seven killed and more wounded. It is believed that the Portuguese, having occupied Massikesse, whieh was found evacunted, marcbed on Umtassa, where the fñílit occurreii. War Koeling in Lisbon. This news has cuused much excitement both in Lond m and Lisbon. A dispatch from the latter city states that the war feeling is agiiin uppermost, and that the people are clamoring for revenge upon the British South África company. This for the moment has diverted attention fïom the financial crisis, which makes it iuipossible for Portugal to make any formidable warlike demonstration. Doesn't Like the Poiinguese. The Euglish authonties aie preparing to give a stunning reception to the two emissaries from the powerful African kiug, Gungunhama, whose territones lie chiefly within the bouuds claitned by Portugal. Gungunhama asks for British protection, and declares that he wants nothing to dowith thePortuguese. He is brother-in-law to Lebungu, king of Matabeles, who sent a similar embassy to Kngland gome time ago, and was astonished at the report brought back of the glories of Windsor castle and London. Had to Bake Somebodv. He would not believe them and ordtred them to be baked alive, from whlch fate they were saved by an Énglish missionary.who conyinced the king that they told the truth. The missionary was horrifled to learn later on that the king had caused two of his slaves to be subjected to the fate intended for his emissaries, on the jjround that, having given his word, somebody must perish.